new doors and windows craigslist- good idea or bad idea?

scrappy25September 6, 2010

In an effort to salvage my proposed addition (estimates came back too migh), I was looking on craigslist for materials. There are quite a few never-installed Andersen and Pella doors for sale by people wh changed their minds. Does anyone know if the warranty starts at purchase or at install of these items? If I buy from a private seller, do I lose the warranty? Also, can I claim the tax credit if the door meet the published energy requirements?

thank you!

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Interesting question re credits. See here.

I doubt you would qualify for credits as you are required to file the retailer/installer invoice and they won't be in your name.

Pella warranties are not transferrable. You can check the others on-line.

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thank you, Worthy.

I also looked up ANdersen and this is on their website

"Andersen Advantage
Andersen window & doors are covered by our exclusive Owner-to-Owner® limited warranty. Most other window warranties end when a home is sold, but our coverage- 20 years on glass, ten on non-glass parts- is completely transferable from each owner to the next. And, because it is not prorated, the coverage offers full benefits, year after year, owner after owner, so it can add real value when you decide to sell your home. Plus, we have one of the largest service networks in the industry, so help is always there if you need it. Visit our Warranties section for more information."

Does this mean that that long as I get the original receipt I will be covered if I by Andersen from a private seller?

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I don't think you need the original receipt for Andersens!
We bought a house with Andersen windows. Some of them had started getting foggy in extreme cold (glass panes getting too close together.) I called Andersen just to see what could be done (assumed I would have to pay for it) and they had me read them the code on the glass. Turns out they were still warrantied for 9 more months (!), so they sent someone over to repair them. I did not need to show any receipt at all.

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Finding windows to fit your openings is going to be a rather lucky thing.

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thanks staceyneil, that is reassuring!

brickeyee- these would be for newly cut openings or new construction so probably not an exact issue with the fit althought I would want them to match my existing windows to some degree.

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It can be good and can be bad. I've found some good deals, and a lot of not so good ones. ultimately its difficult to find windows to fit what you want as far as openings from craigslist. we're doing a whole house remodel/addition.

I bought 2 windows and a patio door. Patio door was from a pella dealer who had a special order that was misordered $1800 door for 400 brand new. The windows were arch top casements that someone ordered the wrong size, they were very pricey and cool, I paid 200 each. For normal windows it just doesn't pay, they cost money, butt hey're not that expensive. You're not going to get such a great deal that it pays to compromise the design and you're not going to collect enough matching ones.

if you see something you really like at a good cost, buy it, but for normal double hungs and casements... unless you find some really super deals, it doesn't pay.

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"these would be for newly cut openings or new construction so probably not an exact issue "

You are going to have to revise any plans you have to reflect the window sizes you find.

Depending on what paperwork you file for a permit this could be a real PITA.

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