Textured spray paint on patio furniture - what would you do

mea5June 11, 2012

UGH! I love spray paint, have had really good success in painting, mirrors, door knobs, furniture.... but this patio furniture has got me frustrated!

I am in the process of using textured paint on my patio furniture, and 13 cans into it - just not covering very evenly. My furniture just looks dirty. The color matches some other patio furniture that I have, but this doesn't seem to cover evenly. So wondering if I just need more paint to cover it, or is it the textured paint that I am using (Rustoleum) - or should I go to a simple Heirloom White, and recover it with that.

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Rustoleum has a toll free number you can call with questions - you can find it on the website or it's probably on the can. I'd call them, and see if you can send them those pics. That doesn't look right to me. I just painted my patio furniture with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze metallic spray paint, and it covered much better than that. I used a total of 6.5 cans for 4 chairs and a table base that are probably of similar size and maybe more surface area than your set since mine included the seats.

Did you prime first? Maybe there's a problem with the primer or lack thereof??

Anyhow, I'd call rustoleum and see if they have any suggestions -- maybe you got a bad batch of paint or something (in which case, I'd demand replacements or money back, since 13 cans of spray paint isn't cheap!)

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The textured does great at adding texture but I've never
gotten it to cover well.
I found that it kind-of rubs off.
Probably not the best choice for chairs.

I spray a lot.
I just sprayed some planters w/the hammered
that turned out great.

Like lkplatow I also like the metallic line.

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