Show me your GE paneled warming drawer

GWloloApril 24, 2013

My appliance guy just installed our 27" GE warming drawer. I have the accesorry for the paneled front but it looks like once the panel is on, it will actually jut out beyond the other cabinet fronts by about 3/4 in (the thickness of the panel front). I have full overlay face frame cabs and 30in of dept to the base cabs. The installer said that the cabinet maker has to revamp(sp?) the cabinets to recess the warming drawer in further inside the drawer cavity to allow for proper panel installation. Is your warming drawer with panel installed that way? I would love to see pictures. Also did you cut a hole for the light on the bottom right?

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Debbi Branka

I have a 27" KitchenAid paneled warming drawer. I can show you a picture of that if you'd like. Mine looks like all my other drawers. I don't think the cabinet maker did anything special, but they did know when I ordered the cabinets that there would be a warming drawer in that spot.

Edited: I forgot, I did NOT drill a hole for the light. I did forget once to turn it off for 2 days. Oops. But no way I wanted a hole in my drawer front.

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Viking warming drawer here, looks exactly like the surrounding drawers. And no I did not opt to drill the little indicator light hole. I can post a pic also If you want.

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Hi L.

My 30" KW WD is paneled with my full overlay cabs. I'm not sure my cab maker had ever paneled a WD before as this is how it first looked.

He said he couldn't make it a 5 piece drawer because he couldn't drill through the very thick stile for the two holes. One hole is for the ON light indicator and one is for the control knob. DH and I both thought this looked silly. And I couldn't see the control knob settings with the drawer closed anyway so always had to open it to turn it on. Luckily, we had a regular drawer front for the drawer in the garage as I added the WD at the last minute after the cabs had been made so I asked my cab maker to replace the regular drawer with the WD. DH recently replaced the first panel with the regular drawer front so it looks like this now.

We now practice the "last one to pull out the food turns the unit off" method of tracking since we can't see the red light indicator anymore. Only once early on did we forget to turn it off so it stayed on over night.

My panel does stick out, but I thought it was because it was in an oven cab which was already deeper than my regular counter runs and because it's under ovens instead of other drawers. It doesn't bother me.

Your recent appliance install questions makes me think you're making exciting progress towards a wonderful and finished kitchen!


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Here's my Viking...guess which drawer;)

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Thanks all! This is helpful.

Breezy - your warming drawer front looks to be same depth as the other panels. Was your warming drawer recessed?

Ctycdm - Is it the one 2 drawers below the microwave? I am only guessing as that seems to be a logical spot. Do you have close up of how it was mounted?

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I can understand an issue with inset doors, but It seems odd they would need to recess it for overlay doors? Maybe GE is different, but mine sat flush with the face frame without the panel installed. It's in the third drawer down, we don't use the WD very often, so I wanted to utilize the more convenient drawers for frequently used items. I did make the two drawers above the exact same dimensions, so it has the option to easily be switched at any time in the future. It could even go in the bottom drawer, and just have the taller drawer front on it, (thats where it used to be when we had a wall oven there.)

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It all has to do with the warming drawer selected as all have different dimensions.

Some have to be recessed just a bit as typically a 30" warming drw. will not fit flush with a drawer panel in a 30" cabinet. You also need to account for where the plug will go too, as it won't fit behind a 24" deep warming drw in a 24" deep cabinet.

You'll have to look at the various install instructions /planning guides as it is really too complex to explain, especially without pictures.

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My warming drawer panel is not the same depth as the drawer stack next to it. My oven cabinet is 25.5" deep, same as the depth of the drawer stack including the drawer fronts. Then add on another .75"+ of WD panel thickness. Basically, my WD sticks out almost an inch beyond the regular drawers next to it.

My WD is not recessed. I hadn't heard of anything like this with full overlay cabs when I did mine. I did know of the depth issue with inset cabs though.

Does this pic help?

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Here's the close up you asked for. Viking WD is flush with other drawers.
...our old Thermador was the same way

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