Replace Soffits, Etc., But Leave Original Vinyl Siding?

kdw72697August 27, 2013

Hello remodelers,

Wondering if anyone out there can help with a vinyl siding question...

The short version:

Is it possible to replace fascia, soffits, and window trim but leave the existing vinyl siding in place? It is from 1984 but looks ok.

I am not sure how everything gets installed and the order in which it must be done.

The long version:

My roof, gutters, several windows and the trim around them need to be replaced. This would be the logical time to just re-do the entire exterior, including the existing vinyl siding.

However, the estimates for the siding (a "might as well" project at this point) are much more expensive than for the roof (which is a necessity).

I hesitate to invest in the siding because my house will always be on the verge of being a tear-down should we sell in the next several years. It's a small, older house on a flat corner lot in a neighborhood of newer, larger homes. During the height of the bubble, anything similar in size and age was razed and replaced.

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Are you planning on a DIY job? From my limited experience the answer to your question is yes, it can be done but how the vinyl was installed will determine how difficult the job will be.
Here is one site that has answered similar questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Add'l info

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First, make sure the house is really a tear-down. If you know a Realtor, contact them, if you haven't used online estimators like Zillow, do so, ask neighbors who have bought recently, etc. If you determine the house is worth nothing, then there's no point in spending anything beyond keeping it safe and comfortable until you decide to sell.

In the usual sequence, siding comes after windows, doors, soffits and fascia. That said, it's certainly possible to repair and/or replace windows without replacing the siding, but it takes patience, creativity and experience.

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Thanks! This would definitely be a job for a contractor!

I wish there were a real estate crystal ball. :)

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