cabinet height advice with soffit on one wall?

mellyc123April 21, 2014

Our plant shelves have been removed. The remaining soffit contains hvac and is on one wall only. My kitchen is the one torn apart. I will post a nice pic next of a house that was just flipped in my exact model.

This is a small U shaped kitchen (9'9" wide). We are planning to do white cabinets, probably Ikea.

We can put 30" cabinets under the soffit on the left.

Would you go all the way to the ceiling on the other 2 walls?
We could do a 39" cabinet and then a 15" cabinet on top all the way around the other 2 walls. Adding 4" molding would take this to the ceiling. This would mean that the right corner gets blind cabinets.

Or we could do the same layout as in the pics I will post next and use 30" under soffit, 39" all the way around and use a corner cabinet.

I can not find any small kitchen pics with cabinets to the ceiling that also have a soffit on only one wall.

Thank you

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This pic shows the potential of staggered cabinets in this kitchen.

This is the exact same floor plan.
The realtor photos make it look much wider than reality.

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And here is the other side.

My cabinet heights would not be that staggered. Only the one over the microwave would be higher.

I plan to use the white shaker style doors from Ikea and have wood floors. The oven and fridge will be stainless.

So ...... to go to the ceiling or not with the cabinets?

Any other ideas welcome.

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I am not a fan of staggered cabinets. So that would not be my choice, even to just have one staggered.

I think that I would have the same size cabinet, so 30" all the way around, then stack on top of that to the ceiling. That will keep a line at the same level all the way around the kitchen, but then a second row on two of the walls. In my head that looks better than basically 3 lines- at 30" on one wall, and 39 and then 15 above on the other walls.

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