Good Find? Singer Sewing Machine 247

aquadragonflyNovember 4, 2012

My bf was out yesterday and happened upon a yard sale. There was this Singer Sewing Machine Model 247 there an he asked the lady how much she wanted for it....she said she had been asking 20.00 but what would he give for it...he said 10.00.... she said ok.

The needle was broken so he changed that, then tried to sew. It wouldn't pick up the bobbin thread, so he figured out how to make that work, then it skipped stitches when sewing so he looked up how to get it back in time and he fixed that and NOW IT SEWS!!!

Not sure how I will like it, but I got an older model for 10.00 bucks and I don't think that is something to shake a stick at and I am very impressed that he was able to get it sewing again!

I found a pic on ebay of what it looks like, mine is in really good condition, it doesn't have any nicks or missing paint and it came with a hard case. BUT the case is cracked but that's ok too, once I get it put in my table we picked up for a dollar I won't need the case anyway!

:) Aqua

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You are lucky to have a friend like that. Those old Singers - which were still made by the old Singer company - were real work horses and this could do a lot of good sewing for you.


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Looks like a great find. Sew happy!

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That's a cool old machine, congrats! I hope it serves you well!

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My guess is that it was made in the 60's or 70's. A great find!
If you can find the serial number, there is a site that will tell you when it was made...........but it really doesn't make a difference, as long as it works!
I am so impressed with your BF...he is a keeper!

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Thanks, I was so hoping it was a good find and apparently it was! At a grand price too! I haven't sewn on it yet but he did some sample stitches for me an I at least know what it will do.
It is a simple machine but it is all I need until I learn more about sewing.
Does anyone know if I would be able to use it for quilting?

Thanks again, I so value everyone's opinion here, and it helps so much to have feedback!

:) Aqua

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You can't beat the price on that...good find by a good friend.
I grew up on a singer that is older than the one shown. I don't think I'm an expert, but I suspect if you can find your quarter inch seam, piecing should be fine. As for quilting...I dunno, perhaps some stitch in the give it a try! congratulations!

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Search or read the manual to see if the feed dogs can be dropped for free motion quilting. If not, then try to find an even feed foot so you could do straight line stitching. This is one of those early models that probably weighs a ton and is a real workhorse. You might want to get the wiring and electrical cord checked out by a knowledgeable "sewing machine guy."

I have a Singer Fashion Mate, model 237, from 1969 - a college graduation gift from my parents. That machine was well used for about 20 years and just needs a tune-up to keep going for another 20 years.


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Thanks Teresa, and YES it is REALLY heavy but I am glad to have it. I hope I can use it for quilting and it did come with the book I was very surprised about that.

littlehelen, I was glad he got the machine working at all I really didn't think he would but I am happy to have an older model I know they do tend to work better then a lot of the newer machines and I don't need it to really do anything fancy yet.

I am very pleased with it although I still have not tried to sew on it yet we have to get it set up and we started moving things around in this tiny house today so we can make room for me to have a sewing corner!
Ima happy camper about that!

I just need a few things and I will be set. Good thread and even better lighting and I will be in business! (are the 2 most important things for me at the moment)

Thanks again ladies for your inputs! Sorry I haven't been back here lately just haven't been in the mood as of late....

:) Aqua

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I had one like that in 1975 only my model had a door on top where the decorative stitch cams would snap in place. It was a wedding gift from my mom. I used that machine until 5 years or so ago when it died and could not be repaired. If your husband seen the online manuel then he probably oiled it under the top, under the bottom and inside where the needle rod moves? It will run much better after oiling. Move the wheel on top to the "darn" position to free motion, I'm not sure if this lowers the feed dogs or just lostens the tention.

My old Singer "find" was free. My husbands aunt had this machine someone gave her. She doesn't sew and knows I sew and asked if I wanted it, if not she was going to throw it out in the trash bin. Well, I took it because I hated to see it get trashed. It sat around for a year...then my current sewing machine had to go visit "Dr Joe" last week. So I thought, lets see what this old Singer is. Well I opened the case, and its a gem. Doesn't look like it was ever used, its late 1960's. Fashion Mate 237. Isn't that funny, 2 people now on this thread have the same old singer model! I found a manuel online, oiled it up...threaded it correctly, figured out the side bobbin case and it works really nice. I was pretty surprised. Its an older version of the one pictured above except it does not have that round wheel for stitch size and reverse, it has a lever. And boy, all metal is Heavy! The good news is it will fit in my old 1975 sewing machine cabinet!

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm so glad your husband got it working. I really was sad when my 1975 one was family, my mom bought it for needed gears and would just cost too much in labor to repair.


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Great find. The older Singers are really the best. They are workhorses. Good Luck with it. Colleen

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Nice Story Tish! and tfs...I love to hear stories about old things like this.

Thanks Colleen!

I still haven't used it yet. I will have to get him to oil it, wasn't even thinking about it might need it I am sure it will.
I hate to see people throw out the older machines, if they still work I know they are the best.
YES it is HEAVY as all get out BUT, if you are putting it in a table without intentions of moving it around then it doesn't matter how heavy the machine is an sometimes that comes in handy too!

I am glad to know I have my own power horse of a machine I can't wait to be able to use it.
If anyone read my other thread on the Robin Round forum you know I have developed fast growing cataracts and am waiting on getting things situated for surgery.
Which is one reason I haven't been back here, since my last posting, it is hard for me to read post sometimes. I can't always see the words clearly and I have to wait for good days to see well enough to read.

Anyway, thanks for the replies I do appreciate feedback.

:) Aqua

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