Backsplash help - what about shiplap?

muskokascpApril 2, 2013

My kitchen has been done for about 18 months and while I have not done a formal reveal, many of you have probably seen it. The kitchen was an addition which also included enlarging the laundry/mudroom and relocating the main floor powder room. By the end of this I had decision burn out and took a break....although the powder room is only 90% done and the laundry room still a mess. But never mind that , moving on it's time to wrap up and finish those pesky kitchen details.

The backsplash I'm talking about is not a prominent part of the space . It sits beside the ovens and in behind the fridge in an L shape. In fact when you first walk in the kitchen you won't even see this area right away. The main part of the kitchen is dominated by two large windows and there is only 7" of space between the counter and window so we decided to continue the quartzite up the wall and behind the cooktop.

I love backsplash tile! Love it! Breezy's recent thread and all those tile suggestions was such fun to follow. I always figured my backsplash would be tile - probably white since I don't want too many beauty queens competing in the kitchen. I've had Heath ceramics oval tile samples for over a year and while I think they would be really nice, the price gives me pause. I have to finish the laundry room after all!

Which brings me to shiplap. I have noticed that I always pause and admire it when I see it in a kitchen = alabama mommy and mamadadapaige come to mind. So what do we think - should I go for shiplap in this area? Should I do the entire window wall or go only as high as the under cabinet height area? Or do I go with tile ?

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I would definitely go all the way up...I think shiplap needs some space. Your kitchen is lovely!

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Why not use the same 7" quartzite you used everywhere else?

You mention not wanting too many beauty queens, etc. What you also don't want is a beauty queen on one wall and white tile on the other. Mixing too many different kinds of elements (even if they are all white) is distracting and makes a space look thrown together. Using a strong material consistently throughout makes a space look well designed. It's one reason mamdadpaige's bs looks so beautiful. Her boards are used throughout the kitchen, over long runs where you can appreciate their lines, not on one short run adjacent to another short run, in a kitchen with another strong bs material.

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I hadn't thought about using the quartzite as a 7" backsplash in the corner but even if I wanted too, that stone is long gone.

I agree that I don't want a strong statement in this area which is one reason it remains unfinished...I can't decide. I also thought about large sized rectangular tiles.

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Oh good - I'm glad to have given you a new idea! Can't you call your fabricator and see what he can come up with? You need so relatively little stone.

If you aren't going to be able to get it, consider 7" transparent or painted glass sheets, like those in the images from GlassKote below (link below).

pharoah did this DIY at the thread below:

Another option would be to use large format (12" x 24" or larger) marble tile, as decent a compliment to your own stone as you can find, and have them cut to 7" with as small a grout joint as your tiler can give you. By the way, what is your stone? A lot of "quartzites" are really marble anyway. You may be able to find the very same material in a different format.

Large Format Carrara Marble tile

Here is a link that might be useful: GlassKote

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Wow, very nice kitchen. I would love to have all that space and light. Your countertops are gorgeous and it looks great installed behind the cooktop and hood. For the area in question, if it where my kitchen I would not put any type of backsplash there. Just leave it painted. It doesn't look like it will be an area subject to grease spatters or splashing water so it shouldn't need the protection factor that backsplashes offer. Also that area doesn't need the design element that backsplashes also sometimes provide. I vote for just leaving it as is.

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Thanks badger. It's ok unfinished but just feels unfinished to me , if that makes sense. It's a fun little space tucked in behind the main kitchen but it lacks the finished feel and needs some personality - calm , quiet, understated personality :)

EAM - I think the material should not have the movement of the marble tiles. The counter has some really nice veins and the marble will fight with it for sure. It is definitely quartzite though - white macabus - and has been maintenance free and a dream to clean. The space is maybe not as tiny as it looks - the wall dimensions are 4'9" x 9'.

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How about some art work, or framed family recipes? Something that makes you smile?
Somehow I can't see the quartzite or any kind of wow -- backsplash.

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What about a long, low (below the window) stainless shelf? That would add an understated, interesting element that would jazz up that corner but not compete. Something like this, but long and low...

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There are several sites (like the one below) that deal in stone remnants, and white macaubas is pretty common these days. If you like the idea pursue it. I think it will definitely give you the best look. The piece below measures 74" x 26" and would be more than enough stone to finish the job.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

Here is a link that might be useful: Remnants

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EAM - I am in Eastern Canada so remnant selection is not the best. I will contact my stone yard to see but it took almost a year of looking and holding out until the right counter showed up and it was only their second shipment ever of white macabus. Matching the vein color and the background white will be tough.

may - funny that you mention a SS shelf because way back in the design stage I had a SS shelf here. I could get my DH to hold up a pretend shelf to see what it looks like.

Why is this so hard?

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