Liquid Acrylic Roofing

shw001August 2, 2012

Has anyone heard of this product? ArmorRoof Liquid Acrylic Roofing. You paint on a coat with a roller. embed a fabric into the the material. After it dries, two more coats of the liquid acrylilc material. Available in several collors. Sounds too good to be true. Is it? See link (cut and paste it into your browser)(sorry, I couldn't put hypertex on it)

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This is feeling like SPAM!
Yesterday Brickeye commented on this exact post (earlier in the day) and so here it shows up again today.


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I'm not so sure this is spam. It looks like a legitimate question from a long-time forum member who has been participating in discussions for quite a while, including asking for advice on roofing before.

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Kirkhall. Absolutely WRONG! You sure got me wrong. This is not spam. Just a homeowner and occasional DIYer looking for information on a complex topic.

I did post this on the Home Repair Forum. However, then realized it would be more appropriate in this forum and in homebuilding, especially since I got only one response.

As always, I appreciate Brickeye's response,which are always helful. but still need some more information to make some decisions. It would be especially helpful to hear from someone who has actual experience with the product.

It's pretty rude and senseless to make accusations when you are just going on a hunch or whatever weird mood you were in at the time you clicked your mouse.

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It wasn't in the home repair forum--it was in the building a home forum.
Most of the people who visit this forum are also on the build forum.

I'm sorry I tagged you as a spam poster, but I was annoyed that you posted in both, the exact same question, without acknowledging your other post. And, to be honest, the way you posted it in the build a home forum, 7 hours earlier, made me question your post (I never clicked the link--I value my computer hard-drive more than that). It might be better in the future to give a little more background and not just put up a link.

And, Link to duplicate posts.

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not much info on the site.
no msds sheet.

back in my weatherization days we used
white elastomeric.
2 coats, not to be installed when temps
lower than 60 degrees..50 degrees..something
like that.
worked very well when properly applied.
one coat..let dry before applying second
never found out if roof was rusty if it
would bleed thru elastomeric...

Home Depot sells 4.75 gallons of Sta Kool
Ultra (7 year) for about $75.00

the site has good information but no

best of luck.

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