A couple of Christmas gifts...

loisflanNovember 30, 2011

Four placemats for my wonderful daughter who really doesn't like the quilted look. These are from a book of Japanese patterns. The quilting is all horizontal lines with three circles. Oops. After I posted the picture, I realized that I have to work a little harder to get the chalk lines off.

And a table runner. My first attempt at free motion quilting. The white wavy lines in the medium-color fabric are printed on the fabric.

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Lovely!!! I very much like the runner.
What did you use as batting in the place mats?
I remember when I first started quilting making some place mats for a friend's new house. The only batting at that time was poly. Those mats were so puffy, I doubt a plate would have held them down.
Live and learn.

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Beautiful - love the 3 straight lines & circle design of the quilting - very different, and perfect choice to soften the look and add interest without traditional quilting. she will be pleased.

Very pretty table runner - are you keeping that? It looks wonderful on your table!

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I didn't read your whole message before studying your table runner and for the life of me I couldn't understand how you did that quilting, being so different on the strips. Then I went back and read that the medium fabric had wavy lines!
I love contemporary quilts and that table runner really caught my eye. Both pieces are beautiful gifts!

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Those are both just great. Good job. You inspire me to get going on Xmas.

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Lois, The placemats are ideal for your daughter and I think the tablerunner looks awesome with those candlesticks, very elegant!


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It's hard to make quilted gifts for those who don't love the quilted look but I think you did a great job! The placemat is beautiful.

I love the table runner too. Yummy batiks in a really elegant pattern.


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Very classy looking!!! Just goes to show that quilting fits all tastes lol!!!!!

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I think the table runner is really beautiful!!! That's inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :-)

Best to you,

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Thanks so much, everyone. Theresa, I used Hobb's 80/20. I can just imagine your puffy placements. It makes me chuckle. Lois

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Nice work, Lois!

When I've made table runners and place mats, I have used cotton flannel or heavyweight interfacing as the batting. I worry that a puffy batting could cause beverage glasses and stemware to be unstable.


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The placemats look nice and flat. I did the same thing in using quilt batting on my leaf placemats and they were so puffy, I had to do some hand quilting on them so they'd lay flatter. Love the table runner.

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Beauitful you did good work :)
Did you pick the fabric cause it gose so well with your candle's?
I was watching "how to's" on free motion quilting on youtube n wanted to try it.

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Nice work. The table runner is so elegant.


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