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barbcollinsAugust 17, 2011

Almost 100 years after we finally got the right to vote, and now women can be brain surgeons, lawyers, accountants, astronauts etc, but still when we go in a building supply store we are treated like we are brainless. We can't possibly know what we are looking for or talking about???

Saturday I stopped in at a Building Supply store to get some 3x4 Denshield Tile Backer board. DH was with me but wandering around. The guy behind the counter kept insisting he had work there 5 years, and 1)never heard of it, 2) they don't carry it & 3) I must mean Hardi-Backer.

He remained adamant even after I told him I had 1) bought it there twice before & 2) Found them on the Georgia Pacific website when looking for a local supplier. DH backed me up on this because he was with me when we bought it before. I asked the guy, if I need to go back home and bring back a copy of the receipt with the item number? He then went to look in the computer. Said he found it, but it was only available in 4x8, and again I said no it comes in smaller sheets because we put it in the back of our Ford Expedition. After much back and forth he looked in his computer again and said he found 32"x 48", and I said yes, that would work.

After ringing us up, as he handed me the receipt, he said to me "Next time remember to ask for Denshield - that's what it's called". It took every ounce of strength to not yell back it him "I DID!!!!!"

I went outside and paced around the parking lot while we waited for the warehouse guy to bring it out to the truck.

Is it just me, or do any other Harriet Homeowners have this problem.

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working in a lumber store is no different than mcdonalds, just different product.

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This was not a big box store and not a kid.

I just see a difference in these type of stores (and HD & Lowes) in how my husband is treated compared to me.

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This WAS a big box store ...
I went to the 22-year-old know-it-all passed-shop-class kid and asked where the half-round was. He walked me over to the trim and pulled out a piece of quarter-round. I told him I actually needed half-round.

He very snottily informed me, "This is what is called half-round."

I found a length of half-round, pulled it out, and asked him, "Then what is THIS called?"

Oddly enough, he had no answer. Go figure.

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Arrgggggggghhh! In reality, no different that going to a plumbing supply place, or worse, an auto parts store. I usually have a pretty good idea what I need, but I've found that it's just faster to walk with my cupped hands holding the part that I need to replace."I don't know what this is, but I need two of them." Looking pitiful is more efficient, and makes Minimum Wage Guy feel chivalrous.

And Half Round Guy made me laugh. Apparently they don't teach fractions any longer. I was in fabric store recently (admittedly, not a place where you normally find men working.) When it came to ringing up my purchase, he had to consult a chart to tell him that 1/3 yd = .333 so he could punch it in his machine. I thought every fourth grader knew that 1/3 = .333.

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try going into hvac supply stores.
if you are the only customer..salesmen
are all on phone.
if you are in line..every male customer
is waited on before you.
I switched supply houses, get better treatment
and better prices.

takes all kinds, but still!

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Well, I don't know if I should be glad that it's not just me :)

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I was always slightly intimidated by the bulldykes who ran the big roofing supply company in my end of town. But behind the plaid shirts, brass-rivet jeans and exaggerated masculinity they were knowledgeable and helpful to every roofer or wannabe who wandered in, regardless of their reproductive equipment.

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Ok, I shouldn't say they ALL act like that, but I do see a pattern. I have actually been in this particular building supply and was treated fairly.

DH points out that it may be because it was Saturday. He said the "outside" salespeople work the counters in the plumbing supply houses and he calls it "training day". I'll keep that in mind and try to limit my visits to weekdays.

I guess my point would be that I don't get treated that way at the grocery store, department stores, drugstores etc. It is just in areas that were previously male domains. Building supply, auto parts etc. I do visit the plumbing supply houses for him occasionally, but usually don't have problems there because I am picking stuff up on will call.

I wonder too if men have this problem in areas that used to be female dominated? If a man went to a fabric store would the women there treat him differently?

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Of course I can't speak from experience. But I'm betting if a man went into a fabric store with an inkling of what he needed, he would be treated like any other customer. Of course, at my particular store, everyone is treated like an annoyance!

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