Craftsman style trim in tudor home?

jtruax3August 26, 2010

Hey guys,Im in need of some help.I have a brick tudor that was built in the 1930's,and Im wanting to put up craftsman style trim but my question is will it work with my house? Is there a type of trim that was used tudor homes?

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Well, personal style is highly subjective.

If you are going with historical accuracy, tudor houses tended to be more romantic than craftman style. Craftsman trim tends to be a bit chunkier and substantial looking while Tudors tended to have a lighter feel for window and doors. Thinner boards, less heft, more arches and peaks etc. In terms of general look, craftsmen tends to bring the eye down and highlights horizontal lines giving the structure a well grounded feeling. Tudor style tends to draw the eye up and the peaks have an almost gothic feel.

Example - a craftsman window might have substantial trim for each side. It makes the window appear to stretch out horizontally. A tudor window would tend to be narrower to begin with and have relatively thin trim on the side. It makes the window appear to stretch vertically.

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