Sealing small holes under cabinets

yonkimanAugust 21, 2014

Hi folks. I'm about to install new cabinets and we'll have the central heat coming through the toekick via 2.5" x 14" metal ducts (see image).

I've done the ductwork and closed up the subfloor, but there are some holes in the floor (a box about about 6x6" mostly under the duct and the irregular cutout for the ducting and water pipe behind it). They will be covered up by the cabinets, but I'm wondering if I should still close them up and if so, what method you would recommend. Cutting plywood to fit would be a challenge and securing it in the hole would be even harder. But duct tape seems like a pretty terrible idea. Is there some material I could lay down over the holes and staple?

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Fire-retardant/fire okay'd great stuff or other expandable foam (that is fire-rated)

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flashing. cut it to fit or oversized, caulk under flashing
to wood, and then screw down the flashing.

spray foam expands so much that you can't see
that it isn't sealing, and it shrinks over time.

best of luck

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Thanks guys!

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