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melissat99April 20, 2013

I have been avidly reading numerous threads here and really appreciate all the advice, so I am hoping this community can help me improve the layout of our kitchen, especially since we haven't lived in the space yet which makes it harder for me to know how I really want it to work.

As for details, we are a family of 4 (2 small children), and do cook at home a fair amount. We also are the type to informally entertain, and I expect that the space will be used fairly constantly, as it connects to both the family room and backyard. In terms of constraints, nothing is off the table, but cost is a consideration. To that end the house is slab construction, so adding drain lines in areas not connected to wall / cabinetry runs is expensive, though the current island *is* wired.

The following floor plans show the entire first floor, as well as a closer in view of the kitchen area. These are the original marketing materials for the house, but do seem to match with what is currently there. And I forgot to label it, but the distance from the outside wall to the opening for the sliding door to the main hall is ~17.5'

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Your drawing does not note the aisle space dimensions around your island. This is a critical planning issue for the design as you show it.

Also things do not seem to scale: for instance you note the depth of the breakfast nook area as 60", but looking at the illustrated sizes of the range, DW, fridge, etc. and assuming these are normal appliances, they look proportionally out of scale with the purported 60" space, as drawn. This is why drawing the floor plan on graph paper is so valuable. The rigid grid immediately picks up discrepancies between called-out dimensions and what's really there on the ground.

If the aisles are tight between the cooktop and island and island and sink run, you could shift the island up towards the breakfast area, perhaps. You could also get rid of it altogether as you have a fair amount of counter space and the island, as drawn, doesn't look to be a seating position. And you might also deepen the counter top on leg along the family room wall. Deeper counters are extremely useful. The additional six inches to go up to 30" (vs normal 24") allows you to push things back and still have excellent use of the space.

What furnishings do you plan for the breakfast area?

How do you plan to vent the stove? It is easiest to accomplish on an external wall, unless this is a one-story house and you can go straight up through the attic.

If you are determined to have a separate wall oven I think I would consider mounting it on the family-room leg.

And then keep the space just opposite the stove (on the sink counter run) as a plating-up area, in direct line towards the dining room. Otherwise your plating will have to happen on the island behind you or to left beside you as you stand at the stove. Then finished plates or serving dishes will have to go past the stove to the dining room, possibly creating a bottleneck.



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eliminate the L and expand the island which will link the kitchen and family room for a large wonderful space[especially since you have the formal living and dining rooms already].The storage removed from the L will be replaced in the island[drawers] and you'll probably get seating for day to day so the dining room's use would become sporadic.therefore-do away with the pantry and put in a counter/cabinet run so you have that lower section of kitchen for counter appliances or baking functions or mwave or whatever[much much less passing traffic].Switch range and fridge for venting as mentionened

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liriodendron - thank you for the reply! The current aisle clearances are 37", and the island itself is roughly 36x36 (I believe slightly wider, but am not sure.) I'm also confident that I dislike the current layout / island size, and am pretty sure we're going to just gut the kitchen and start over. So I've included a floorplan without cabinets/appliances, but with windows/drain/vent. As for venting the range - the existing range in that location has a hood that we believe is in fact vented to the outside (though I admit I haven't actually verified that the ducting is in place and functional), so I think we're OK with leaving a cooktop in that location.

As for the plating issues - we do plan to put a table in the breakfast nook which is where we would eat the majority of family meals, saving the Dining Room for special occasions (we've even talked about turning it into a library.)

herbflavor - interesting that you suggest an Island - that has actually been the direction I've been thinking (I have put been thinking a LOT about potential layouts, but didn't want to put my ideas out the off the bat as I don't want to limit folks from suggesting something totally different.)

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Base kitchen dimensions and my top contender new layout are below. What I really like about this layout is that it fully separates the cooking and clean up zones, while including plenty of storage directly between the dishwasher and the table. The BIG downside is the cost involved in adding a prep sink to the island (since it requires breaking into the slab to add the drain line.) But I've gone round and round trying to come up with a layout using the existing space/appliance positioning, and nothing seems to work as well as this.

And apologies for my picture quality! I still need to learn google sketchup and my scanner is on the fritz, so this is old fashioned graph paper + camera phone.

Kitchen room dimensions:

Proposed layout - replace peninsula with island and add prep sink:

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