Any tips on a heavy quilt

karpetNovember 18, 2010

Does anyone have any advice/tips on FMQ a heavy quilt that is like denim-weight? Thanks.


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I can't remember where I saw it, on a BLOG I think, but she used a curtain rod hung from the ceiling to help support the quilt.


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Yes. Send it to a long-armer!

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Do it in sections (QAYG) and then there are only four heavy quadrants to finish it off.

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Well, I have the quilt sandwich pinned together and ready to go. Thanks all for the suggestions. I do have to say a heavy quilt lays out nice - just pull on the sides and it lays flay. Not near as squirrely as lighter weight fabric. I won't start quilting till after Thanksgiving, but think I will switch around my table direction so I have more surface space on the left to hold the bulk of the quilt. I like that idea of a curtain rod, but with a tile ceiling I have no way to secure it. Maybe I can just get DH to stand there and hold it! Ha! Thanks again.

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When I was doing a denim quilt for my g'son, I pulled a table alongside the machine so that the quilt could rest on it without creating drag to pull the material away from the needle. You need to stop frequently and reposition the bulk of material do keep it from slipping off the table, however. As soon as you start fighting it, it's time to stop and move the excess material around. Been there and done that. LOL

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You can also set up your ironing board to the side of you to help hold it.

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