gloss on painted mstr bdrm brick fireplace?

suz1023June 28, 2012

the bricks are actually the flexi brick i've mentioned before and are artic white, too darn stark white for me. not the creamy elegant white i want.

so i am bringing a dish i love to the paint store to match the colour and i realise that part of what i love about the dish is the shine.

my instinct is to go for the pearl finish, does that sound right to you?

the mantle is created of crown molding and to be painted glossy black.

the interior of the wood box is shiny black granite too, so the mantle and firebox are already shiny.


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I would go with a matte finish. I am thinking that is going to be one shiny fireplace, could you post a picture of the fireplace/room with the brick?

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Fori is not pleased

I had a gloss-white painted brick fireplace once. It looked fine (except it probably shouldn't have been painted at all). If the gloss turns out too shiny, you can tone it down with more paint.

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