do I need batting?

chickie1November 18, 2012

I am putting together a baby quilt. The top is cotton and the backing is flannel. Do I need batting between the two or can I omit it? I've heard both ways.

What do you think?


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I think it is your call. The flannel makes a heavier quilt so leaving out batting is probably okay. If you don't want the thickness of batting, I think I'd put an extra layer of flannel inside for batting if it were me. I think you need some body when you quilt it. Just my 2cents.

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What is the climate for the recipient? If it's the warmer Southern states or SoCal, I'd say you don't *have* to put in a batting. You could tie or do a decorative machine stitch to tie the top and bottom together and call it a summer blanket. But if you want to machine quilt this project, then you might want a thin batt or flannel in the middle as toolgranny mentioned - add my 2cents worth to hers.


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And don't forget to prewash the flannel!
Three cents!

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Here's another 2 cents' worth. I almost made the mistake of omitting batting when I had a top with a lot of white in it and a darker backing. In order to hide the seam allowances and get the white to "pop," you need a light-colored batting. This is especially true if you are using thinner fabrics for the top.

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Thanks everyone. I think I'm going put flannel in the middle. I'll post a picture when it's done.

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