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PostitnotesAugust 22, 2012

Hi, We have lived here for a good while now and are thinking about residing the house. I think we are probably going to use the cement board siding and at least a better quality vinyl siding. I having sort of been hankering to make the front and garage look better somehow but dont know how. I have thought about maybe changing the first floor roofline and maybe extending it for a bigger porch and redoing the garage so that it might open in the back where we have another driveway leading to detached shop, and then shortening the front driveway to simply accomodate guests coming to the front door.

I will try to link to my flicker account if anyone is interested to taking a look. Thanks for any help.

Here is a link that might be useful: My house

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The word "residing" can be misleading like most contractor jargon. To make your house look better you should pay more attention to the detailing than the materials used. You might add a facia/frieze board under the rake and eaves and make the corner boards larger. Taller window and garage door head trim would help quite a bit too.

It would also help to take the apparent sag out of the roof ridge on the right and replace the porch posts with something more substantial but not more "decorative".

If the shutters can be painted they could be a contrasting color like a very dark green.

Perhaps the trash can could be in an enclosure.

The connecting structure from the garage to the house could have a window in it.

If you want to change the shape of the structures you need to get someone with design experience to come out and measure it and draw something up. Doing it any other way might extend the current lack of organization of the house.

Good luck with it.

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Thanks for your help. I agree with everything you said. And I will remember to put the trashcan back in the garage. Again, thanks.

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