chisueJune 13, 2013

I've never seen anything like this, and the help line at Raid! was puzzled too. Anyone else ever have this problem?

There must have been an Ant Armageddon somewhere near or under our master bathroom floor. Every morning for four days we've been vacuuming up hundreds of tiny dark brown and very dead ants both IN our shower and just outside it. I think the ants are bringing out their dead. I'd like to think this is tapering off. This morning I don't see *any* live ants, and there are only a couple dozen dead ones.

I'm guessing these are 'cement ants'. They are completely disinterested in the ant baits I put down 48 hours ago. They aren't interested in the shower drain. I can't see any nest in the basement.

Help? Advise?

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We had a bad ant infestation a couple of months ago: mostly in the pantry (off the kitchen) but also in the bathroom, which is on the other side of the kitchen/pantry wall. I used several packages of Raid ant baits, esp. on pantry shelves and floor perimeter. Most helpful was another Raid product, a gel, which comes in a tube so you can squirt it out and place it exactly where you want it (could be a wall or the underside of a shelf, not necessarily a flat, horizontal surface). It does take several days to work, because the ants have to carry the bait back to the nest and feed the queen. Also, there will be waves of newly hatched ants that need to be exposed to the poison.

For a few days, I watched the ants swarm all over the bait, but I didn't kill them, so that they'd be able to take the food home. After 3 or 4 days, however, there was a huge drop-off in the ant sightings, and after a week or so, there were no more ants.

Good luck! I advise you to be patient, and I hope you get relief soon!


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try using terro. we've been using this for a few years now and no ants. they have them for indoor and outdoor. I placed some around my porch area and those large black ants are gone. they also have the liquid you can drop on carboard and place in door. I just squited a few drops behind our baseboards and that seemed to help.

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I had a weird ant infestation in a basement bathroom last year. Never had them in a bathroom before. I used the Terro baits and they didn't seem to work. I contacted Terro and they said to give it more time. They were right as the ants did disappear but it took weeks rather than a day which has been my typical experience.

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I've been battling little black ants for weeks. I find them at the windows in my kitchen. I used the peanut butter and jelly mixed with Borax method and I was amazed at how that killed them off. Unfortunately they start to come back and that's when I reach for the Raid. I hate spraying that stuff around but desperate times call for desperate measures.

It is rather fascinating to watch the ants as they go about their work. If two of them meet head on, they stop and kind of greet each other. I was watching them for quite awhile, as they carried the poisoned PBJ back to the nest. Made me feel bad, but they should stay out of my kitchen.

I mix 1 T of PB, 1 T of jelly and 1/2 T of borax. Might be worth a try.

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I keep getting the big black carpenter ants in my place. Just kill them as I see them

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the bummer with carpenter ants is the damage they're doing behind the walls, sigh...usually dh sparys the entire primiter of the house but with the crazy weather havn't had a chance...

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Carpenter ants can be as bad as termites. The ones I have around my place are inside damaged box alder trees. They eat the insde of the tree and eventually, the tree fails. However, I have seen tree colonies keep their tree for many years by leaving the live parts alone. The tree then breaks in a storm.

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Carpenter ants - nasty. We live in the woods and have a cabin in the woods and both places are prime carpenter ant habitat. We have both houses treated preventatively but it completely freaks me out if I see one in or anywhere near the house. Makes me think they're chewing the house down.

We had a leaky window once and they invaded the wood that was rotting around the window. We caught it fairly early but had to replace the window.

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Before I sold my house I used to sprinkle corn meal around the foundation of the house every spring. Supposedly it's a good ant preventative and it did seem to work.

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I don't like using Raid because I have a dog and 3 cats indoors. I used to use Windex to kill the lines of ants I saw. Recently, a friend was here and there were ants outside my front door and I had no Windex. He suggested vinegar so I poured some white vinegar on them and haven't seen an ant since.

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I guess I'll never know what this ant problems was all about. They are gone. No new bodies this morning. They never did go for the bait. They just stopped 'bringing out their dead'.

Whew! That was over just in time -- before our Westie kept us up most of the night with vomiting and depositing bloody, runny stools at random in the house. Gah! I put him in the (newly-ant-free) bathroom at 3 a.m. We took him to the vet this morning and came home with two kinds of prescription pills and Pepcid AC 10 mg. No food until tomorrow, and then only bland chicken and rice. Poor guy. I know he's sick because he'll stay in the bathroom without clawing at the door to get out.

Early bed for me tonight.

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Just recently I read an article on ants. Apparently they said that sprinkling plain old cinnamon wherever the ants are spotted will stop them dead in their tracks.

Want to report that I tried it on a big area in our stone walkway where they seem to have an underground bunker....hello.....worked like a charm. I was prepared to redo the procedure a couple of times before it worked, but lo and behold, no more ants to report. I haven't noticed them anywhere else either. Hopefully they all went to ant heaven!

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Justlinda, thanks. I will try that next time. I live in a town that is just one big ant hill.

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We just had the "battle of the ants" on the kitchen counter..We noticed them coming in on one corner and leaving behind another so we put little squares of cardboard loaded with Terro in their path and that took care of the little buggers.....But, I will have to remember the cinnamon the next time, if there is a next time......

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