Jeld-Wen Nightmare - Run / Warning

aculverAugust 11, 2014

A recent update on Jeld Wen, they are still having major issues on their vinyl windows. In the winter of 2013 I ordered 30 plus windows for our house and I was convinced to get Jeld Wen premium vinyl windows. Well we got the first few installed and found that we could actually see clear daylight to the outside through the joints in the window sash. Also we began to find many fit and finish quality issues. Many components were under cut or over cut and assembled. Eventually I got in touch with Jeld Wen and their guy came out. He stated it was the worst production he had ever seen and most of the windows should not have left the factory. They gave me the option of them attempting to repair the windows in place or ship me a new order. Eventually after much attempted failed negotiation for them to cover a portion of the installation cost for the windows installed that needed to be removed I gave up and asked for a new shipment of windows and this time contracted the install thru the big box store where the windows were purchased. Well today the installers came and got one window in and the installers came to me with concerns about the quality and workmanship of the window installed and the remaining windows they previewed in the pallet. So now 60 plus windows later they are going back to the big box store for a full refund. Look I am not that picky, I just expect that when the window is closed it does not leak and that the lines are clean. I gave them a second chance and they still screwed it up again.

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Never did hear much good about Jeld-Wen products.

I will stick with Window World (1), Anderson (2) and Pella (3).

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Thanks. This post should be on the monitor of Jeld-Wen's CEO.

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another picture. The pin light in the left end of the sash on the right window is where the previous picture was taken....

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Trebruchet: Actually sent a letter and email it to the CEO. Maybe I should post an open letter to him. Seriously considered buying advertising space in the local news paper in the town of their headquarters to post an open letter to Jeldwen to see if I could get a response from other than legal...

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Jeld-Wen entered the window business by buying a millwork company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. They did the same with window companies in the 90's with Pozzi, Caradco and Norco and gave them different model names under the Jeld-Wen brand name.

My point is that that the different Jeld-Wen window models have little in common other than being owned by the same very large American company.

The same is true of their vinyl windows. Who knows how J-W bought their PVC windows or where they are made or if the different models came from the purchase of one company. I suspect not.

I used many of these windows in the 80's but now it is too difficult to understand the differences so I tend to use windows from companies who have a long history of designing their own windows.

I help my clients choose so I have to be very careful to meet their expectations. I have never seriously considered using an all-plastic window in a building because they aren't strong enough, expand too much with temperature changes and shatter in cold weather or with age. Any of those characteristics would be enough for me to avoid them.

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