Chimney hood possible?

govizslasAugust 14, 2014

We love the look of a chimney hood. While we're doing other renovations to our kitchen, we thought it would be an ideal time to install one.

Our contractor said that because our duct goes sideways (above the stove, see pic) instead of straight up we cannot install a chimney style hood. He wasn't 100% sure so I'm hoping someone here can chime in. We plan on removing the cabinetry above the stove.

If we cannot do a chimney hood, are there other hood options besides under cabinet?

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It appears that the 7"rnd dumps into a 3.5" x 10" rectangular duct.
Does the rectangular then turn 90deg. and travel horizontally in the soffit?

Is the soffit to remain?

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Yes it does travel horizontally into the soffit.

No, we aren't planning on keeping the soffit.

Hope this helps!

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The duct can go horizontally. I do that all the time. As long as the pipe sizes are adequate for the unit.

Of course, I have the advantage of doing this in new homes where everything after has to accommodate the venting.

BTW, those loops of NMW wiring are a no-no. I hope at least the connection is within an electrical box.

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Have you discussed another route for the vent to travel?

What is behind the wall the hood is mounted on now?

What direction do the ceiling joists run?

Is the other side of the kitchen an exterior wall?

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