Should I use the kitchen without the hood?

GWloloApril 24, 2013

We discovered that the custom hood we had ordered from Modernaire was damaged when the installer unboxed it. Looks like the dents were extensive enough to have to remake the hood which is another few weeks. My question is whether I should start cooking in the kitchen without a hood. My ceiling is little shy of 8ft here and I have cabinets flanking both sides. Will I end up damaging the cabinet's painted finish by cooking for few weeks without a hood? I can definitely avoid any frying or high heat cooking. Should I cover the hole of the vent (my hood fan is roof mounted).

I am really bummed as after moths of delay, the appliances were finally going in today. Other appliances were all installed except for the hood vent.

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My DH refused to let me use my CC gas rangetop without the hood, but I argued back that I don't even use the hood every time I use the cooker so did it really matter. He wasn't amused. With your induction unit, I'd say you're fine. I would bet you any amount of money that there are hundreds of people out there who don't turn on their hood each time they reach for their induction controls. :)

I'm sorry to hear about your MA. Here's hoping for a quick and polite response from customer service.

Ssshhhhhh.....don't tell anyone. I'm browning mushrooms on low-ish right now to use on quesadillas tonight WITHOUT the hood! I had it running for 4 hours today while I cleaned one of my ovens. I'm tired of the noise.

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Fori is not pleased

Avoid fish and frying and you'll be fine. (Most people don't actually turn them on ever.)

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My hood had a defective part and quit working right after being installed and tested. While waiting for service, I only used it twice and did not dare to cook anything even remotely smelly.

However, I saw a video of the Galley Sink where an induction cooktop was close to the sink with NO hood! It was in a condo or an apartment.

How did people cook before hoods I wonder?

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Well I am cooking currently in the kitchenette in the cottage in the back. I was really looking to be moving to the main house and start using the kitchen in a couple of weeks but now we have this delay. I have extended family descending in June and I really can't make do with a single portable induction that I have now.

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Cook, just don't do a lot of frying and boiling things.

You could also tape waxed paper over the sides of the cabinet near the stove top.

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People have cooked for years without any hood. Go for it!

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I only ever use my hood if I'm grilling or if steaming something particularly stinky. I would totally cook without the hood while your waiting, just no high heat frying, like you said.

Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Our kitchen currently has a non-vented hood, so for all intents and purposes, I've been cooking without a hood since we move here. To "remove" food smells, I open the window and put the window fan in to exhaust. It works. Kind of. Downside is that the grease doesn't really haven anywhere to go, so with new cabinets, that's a bit more of an issue if you've got anything very greasy to deal with...but I've even canned in this kitchen without having a good exhaust fan.

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I've been using my new Wolf range for 3 weeks now without a hood. My last hood was horrible, so I rarely used it. I really have to choose and buy a hood, but I am so burnt out on decisions.

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I would have gone broke and crazy if I had waited until my hood was installed before I cooked. I did not fry anything, but I don't do a lot of frying anyway.
For what it's worth, it has been used since July2012, and the cover is still not installed on the chimney.....


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Sure no problem. Agree people have been cooking without hoods forever. I usually only use mine if frying or cooking something smelly which is rare.

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I am on the same boat!

Totally burnt out and paralyzed. I cannot believe I made all those gazillion decisions during the main part of the remodel.

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Hahaha springroz! Mine's been without its chimney cover since install over a year ago... I need to show this to dh so he knows I'm not the only one.

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I just finished (this very evening!) installing my rangehood, after it sat for 5 years in the basement. Because:
1.) DH would not let me cut a hole in the wall to vent it outside.
2.) It's been a loooong 5 yr DIY build and I'm burnt out.

My painted/melamine (Ikea) cabinets are fine (no discolouration, blistering or oily residue) despite my cooking from scratch daily.

I hope the dang thing works for awhile 'cause it's long past warranty....
Just waiting until DH gets back from his fishing trip and sees the hole in his precious wall....


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clueless and dawn!!! Our dilemma is that stainless needs to be CUT! We have 8' ceilings, and apparently everyone else who buys this hood has higher ones. I know very few people here, and there is no business with a sign that says "expert SS cutting available" !

If they can build a $100,000 car here, though, you would think someone could cut this silly piece of metal...


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Nancy, don't you have a metal shop around?

Also, our KD said they could change the cooktop opening in my SS countertop without removing the countertop any time I wanted a larger cooktop. So, it should pretty straightforward with the right tool.

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