Raised Glass Kitchen Counter - Tempered or Regular?1/2' or 3/4?

renosAugust 31, 2010

I want to install a Âfloating glass bar counter in my kitchen glued onto stainless steel cantilevered supports coming out from the granite counter top (supports drilled into granite). The glass will be about 6.5 ft long and 12" wide with a spread between posts of about 22" (6" overhang on either end as recommended by the glass company). The glass company is suggesting I use 1/2" annealed (regular) glass as opposed to the tempered glass since they say it will be stronger and resist chips better. I am concerned about safety if it should break. Can anyone recommend with is best in this application tempered or annealed and if ½" is thick enough or if youÂd suggest 3/4". Also does anyone know the right glue to use to glue the glass to the stainless posts? Thank you.

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Hi renos,

First thing, the glass company is wrong if they are saying that you should use annealed glass versus tempered because annealed is stronger. Annealed glass is not stronger than tempered, in fact glass is tempered specifically to make it stronger.

Second, annealed glass will not resist chipping easier than tempered glass will, but if annealed glass does chip then you end up with a piece of glass with a chip in it. Whereas if tempered glass chips you end up with an amazing number of little tiny pieces of glass all over the place. And while they aren't particularly sharp, your shelf will be gone and you will have a mess to clean up.

Whether to use 3/4" or 1/2" is as much an aesthetic question as it is a strength question. Will 3/4" look " too heavy" in that application? Will 1/2" look "too light"?

From the safety aspect, the 3/4" will be stronger than 1/2", but really as you want to use it, using resonable precautions when around the shelf should make the difference negligble.

You might try using a neutral cure, clear adhesive silicone to attach the glass to the stainless steel.

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