Do you batt with fleece backing?

nanajayneNovember 15, 2008

I have done both but can never besure which is best. Today I got fleece for my Very Hungry Catapiller quilt and then was in a quandray as to use a batt or not. Finally decided to use a thermore batt. I just hope it wont be too heavy but didn't like the idea of just quilting 2 layers.


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I have a girlfriend who just uses fleece for backings and no batting and her quilts turn out great.


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I do not use batting and have never had a problem. They are VERY warm and have held their shape so far.


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So question here: if you use fleece for the backing do you tie these quilts? How do you quilt them?


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Melissa sometimes ties them, sometimes just does some simple straigh line quilting (no worries about how close you quilt with fleece) and sometimes she uses the eyelet stitch on her machine and tacks it together with little circles--that's really cute.


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I guess I probably could have gotten along without the batt. I have it staight st. quilted about 4-5" apart but plan on some free hand in the open areas. It is going to be a warm quilt but looks pretty good so far. I did a lap quilt with out the batt and a baby quilt but hated to skimp on this one. Nice to know that others do it with success. Jayne

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I batt all of mine - to me a quilt isn't a quilt with out it....Marie

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I did a quilt a couple years ago with fleece on both sides. No batting because I thought it would make it too thick. I did minimal quilting but tried to make it pretty since it shows so much.


The solid gold is the backside of the quilt.

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That looks great! I have 2 pieces of fleece that I want to make my husband a throw quilt out of for Christmas and think I will 'steal' your idea. LOL Did you draw a pattern on or just wing it?


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I never draw a pattern and sometimes it's pretty obvious! lol But in this case I mostly just edged the leaves on the pieced side of the quilt. Where they weren't complete, I tried to complete the image. I did simple little loops and swirls from the stem end, like a leaf falling from a tree would make. Honestly, it turned out much nicer than I expected it to and the leaf outlines were much sharper. Working with fleece was fun and I always planned to make another one but I haven't done it yet. We don't need it too often in Florida! This quilt was a gift for my brother in law in New York state.

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