Tiny Master Bedroom - Options other Than Pictures on Wall

RareindigoJune 18, 2012

Our master bedroom is tiny 9'x10'. The headboard is an arched window with an awesome view. There are only two feet on each side of our queen size bed to the wall. When we had pictures on the wall, they seemed too close to the bed. What other options are there to complete the room? Thanks for any input.

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bedding, throws, pillows, rugs

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Without seeing pix, I am wondering if you couldn't put the bed on another wall? If the view is that fabulous, it seems a shame that when you are in the room in bed you can't enjoy the view at all - it is behind your head.

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Annie Deighnaugh

You can use window treatments on the window, and lamps on small end tables or wall hung swing arm lamps on either side.

Put pictures and things on other walls.

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I was thinking the same as les. But I guess that is the only wall you can use.

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How about wallpaper on one wall, or stencils?

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Painted ceiling and giant mirror opposite the window?

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I second mirrors, and Les's point, can you post pictures?

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Yes to mirrors to make the space feel more open. I also love curtains.

I hope we can see some pics!

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In our small guest room we installed matching shelves on either side of the bed instead of end tables. It made the room look less cluttered. My DH made them and he added a drawer for a little more storage.

On the wall we hung a mirror that had a beautiful frame around it for added interest.

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Here's the picture - finally!
Paint is BM Wythe Blue - trim will be BM Steam.
Bed cannot be moved since the base is built-in with three large drawers. Night stand is built-in too but could be changed.

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Pictures opposite the bed; swing-arm wall lamps mounted on side walls above the bedside tables; a sleek ceiling fan; white comforter and shams with with a lovely throw at the foot of the bed. And if my room, a cat curled up in bed center.

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I would get two matching tallish thin lamps for your night stands. Then on the sides of the window, about eye height I would put either two square mirrors, or two squarish wrought iron pieces (depends on the lamps you have) or two nicely framed pieces of art...maybe pictures with leaves to match your bed covering. Your window and view are gorgeous....let that be the main focus of that wall.

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You could put wallpaper either above or below the chair rail, in a pattern that wouldn't close in the room. Or add moulding to the walls to make "frames." You could leave the inside the same paint color, or paint a different color or use wallpaper.

Some filmy white panels on the window on the side wall.

I second the idea of wall-mounted lamps; they will give you much more space on the nightstands.

I don't know how much room you have at the foot of the bed, but I could see a small wooden chair on the wall opposite the bed--someplace to sit and admire the view, or just to sit and put your shoes on.

Here is a link that might be useful: wall panels

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Thanks so much for all the great ideas.
Would love to have a chair in the room but there's only two feet of space around the bed. Looking in from the door, on the left side, where a closet would normally be, there's a built-in 6 drawer dresser. Above the dresser is where I hang my clothes. At the end of the bed,and to the right of the door, again only two feet from the bed, is an armoire where hubby hangs his clothes.
Although I love my tiny home (only 860 sq.ft.) there are times I wish it wasn't so tiny!

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You need height. Agree with the tall lamps, and maybe art work arranged over the window. I could also almost see a drapery canopy over that space.

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I had the same idea as marcolo: use drapes and/or fabric to finish off the wall over the bed. Maybe hang the canopy from the ceiling out over the bed.

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Perhaps it is the angle of the photo but the entire room wants to pull my eye downward. That window is so low- how do you sit up in bed to read without cracking your head on glass?

That said you need color and objects to draw the eye up.
Is there a window treatment planned for that window that could be duplicated on the bed wall?

How about some sort of ornamental wall treatment like this wrought iron piece-

I don't think that comforter is doing you any favors- you need color in there to distract the eye IMO.
And a baseboard under the night stand :) that would drive me nuts.

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I'd rotate the bed and put it against the wall with the other window. Add art to the wall at the foot of the bed and then you can enjoy both the view and the art from your bed.

Using curtains and shades, I'd create the illusion of two windows behind the bed to make it look like your bed is centered on two windows. Something like these photos below. You can always mount curtain rods for and add shades to "windows" that don't exist to create symmetry.

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It would be a shame to cover up that lovely window. Maybe a valance of some sort, fabric or wood, hung way up by the ceiling all the way across the width of the wall with something hanging down along the corners. I take it you don't need window coverings for privacy? I'm big on storage or bookcases so you might consider something like that up near the ceiling also. Maybe a ledge of some sort to display something on. Just my 3 cents worth!!!!

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I vote for a wall decal. The picture cearbhaill posted is actually a wall decal from etsy.

Here are some other cool wall decals from etsy that could work. Just do a search for ''wall decal'' with ''headboard'' or ''swirl'' or ''tree'', etc, and you can find all sorts of cool ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vineyard Canopy - Wrought Iron Inspired - Headboard Wall Sticker

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Although small, it is a lovely room! I love the tree outside the window!

I would probably go simple with all-white bedding. I like the idea of tall lamps-maybe glass or silver buffet lamps with white shades. I am linking to a pretty PB lamp that might look great! I would go with the silver.

I don't think you need anything on the walls. If you really want something, then I would choose paintings for the two side walls that are not too frou-frou and that complement each other-calm abstracts or something like Monet 'Waterlily' prints would be nice. Just make it something you and DH love.

Here is a link that might be useful: silver candlestick lamp

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Wow - so many great ideas!
Although the arched window has recessed reading lights, I'll probably pick up a pair of lamps.
I think a wall decal above the bed would look good, DH would have other ideas.
While scouting out my first choice of white bedding (none of which DH liked), he spotted the duvet that's currently on the bed and said he liked it. Majority of the house decorating is what I wanted/liked . . . I thought it fair to choose something he picked out.

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From a decorative standpoint, I think the tall lamps could be nice, but if you read in bed, you will find that, unless the base of the shade is no higher than your eyebrows, you will see the bulb rather than the light on the page. I also think that the real estate on your night stands is too valuable to be used by a lamp.

So I'd vote for swing-arm lamps mounted on the walls above the night stands - they exist in many styles, as you likely know. You can swing them to sit directly over the stands unless you need to pull them closer to read. It's also nice to ground them by putting whatever you are leaving on the night stand - a tissue box cover, a storage box, oa small stack of books, or whatever suits your life - directly under the mounting plate of the lamp.

And I love the idea of the decorated wall. You could surround your window with something that incorporates the view into the whole business. This Bing search turned up a lot of interesting ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall murals

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Look at DeeDee'a "My Copy Paper Wallpaper" thread for an idea for your wall...

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If a decal is too, I dunno...cutesy? what about a whole wall stencil of trees? As bronwynsmom said, bring the outside view in for an accent wall.

There was a discussion a while back about the decor on the abc show Once Upon a Time, how the interiors often reflect the forest in some way. Lots of tree wallpaper there. Stenciling is easier to undo if you're sick of it, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Birch Forest Wall stencil

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First of all I love your little bedroom. I always try to let my hubby have a little say so in our home decor too. I think some wall words either stinciled or in vinyl above the window following the curve of the arch would be beautiful and simple. I have "Always Kiss me Goodnite" above my bed in the vinyl lettering. If you add lamps and pillows I think you won't need any pictures. Best of luck.

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I love the inspiration photos posted by geokid! Those rooms are fab. I would definitely consider that!!

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if it were me i'd try out a nook for the bed space under that gorgeous window and tree.
houzze has a lot--
i'm thinking the bed parallel to the wall instead of perpendicular, lots of fabric on either side to help 'enclose' it and something really lovely overhead--a chandelier?or an upholstered ceiling in the nook with chandy under it?

it's a challenge but can be done, especially if there is another room you could use as a dressing room. in which case your 'bedroom' becomes a 'sleeping chamber'.

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