Bobbin Tension frustration!

polardreamsNovember 15, 2011

I started FM quilting a 54 x 70 quilt for a friend's birthday tomorrow and it started off great... However, about halfway through the bobbin tension on my machine decided to adjust itself. I didn't notice because the top was looking great and I was congratulating myself on finishing it in one day. Guess one shouldn't count their chickens before they are hatched ... Today I started ripping out the UGLY half and spent a couple hours trying to adjust my machine - to no avail. I will give her an IOW tomorrow when we go out for dinner and take my machine in to have it worked on. AARRGGGHHH!

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OH NO! Feeling your pain. I can just imagine the moment when you flipped it over. Breathe deep, that's my only advise. And don't forget to take a picture before you give it to her. We all want to see.


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Isn't it maddening when you are going along so nicely and then....?
I took my machine in to be serviced once for this very problem. One look by the technician and he saw that the bobbin thread had slipped out of its hook (in a drop-in bobbin). And another time, the thread had slipped out of the take-up lever. Lots of ways for things to go awry.
Good luck finding your solution.

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I can feel your pain, too! BTDT! Murphy and I seem to get along very well when its times like that. I hope it is an easy fix and you can get back to sewing soon. And, I agree, post a picture of the finished product.


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Another one feeling your pain. The worst part is having to take out all those bad stitches. Yuck. Faye had good advice. Breathe deep.

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Isn't it amazing how something can be so beautiful on the outside and downright pitiful on the inside? Yep, adjustments needed. @:)


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Surprisingly, it may be your top thread or needle causing the bobbin tension to be bad.
Clean everything really, really well. Use a penlight and look for a stray piece of dust or thread. Take off the needle plate. (Mine is difficult to seat completely & it required a trip in for service and the fix was reseating the needle plate).
Put in a new needle, rethread with different thread - put in a new bobbin, and test on fabric using a wide zig zag. This will help you see if it is the top or bobbin out of balance.
You may have accidentally changed your top tension when moving the quilt around.
I hope this helps-let us know. It has to be something simple that will make you laugh.

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Marsha has given some really sound advice. I was sewing with my new machine, and all of a sudden it started shuddering, the lights flashed and the cloth was being pulled into the hole. It looked as if the machine were having a seizure. It scared the wits out of me. I was sure it was something wrong with the bobbin or the feed dogs. I cleaned everything and tried again, twice, with the same results. Finally I thought of the top thread. Sure enough, the thread had slipped out of the take-up arm. End of problem. The new electronic machines are really touchy, I think. And the problem is not always what it appears to be.

Good luck finding the answer.

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The same thing happened to me except it was right after I loaded new bobbin. I had dutifully cleaned out the bobbin/feed-dog area and the machine kept jamming. Finally I walked away in disgust, returned the next day and it was the thread not being in the take-up lever. Why oh why couldn't I have seen it the day before??? I also test drive a new bobbin or thread change on a scrap piece before working on the quilt, checking the other side, making sure it's the same fabric on top and bottom and same batting that I am working on.

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Sad--Sad. Sorry you had take out all those stitches, that is a REAl pain. I hope you problem isn't too serious. I agree with triple checking everything before giving up.
I had a problem with the top thead coming out of the take-up when I sewed too fast with one of my machines which can cause all kinds of issues. I am sure this may be old news but along with the deep breath it never hurts to repeat. Jayne

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Thanks for the ideas ... I tested, cleaned, and tried all kinds of options but that didn't work. I dropped it off this afternoon at the repair shop - one of the cleanest machines they have taken in this week. Now the most frustrating part will be waiting 10 business days for them to finish! I begged him to put a rush on it and he said he would ... we'll see.
I will post when I get done.

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I can so relate! My tension problems are legend. Marsha is right, clean everything, rethread, try a new bobbin and see how it goes.


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Oh, how frustrating! BTDT.
I hope you get your machine back super quick!

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Sue, What was the issue with your machine, and what did they do to fix it?

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Finally got my machine back. There was a TINY, MICROSCOPIC piece of lint caught in the spring under the tension mechanism. They had to take the entire mechanism apart and said there was no way I could have fixed it. He was really nervous about it too, because the spring is quite fragile, I guess. ANYWAY, it's back and I am such a happy camper now!

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Good to hear your machine is back home with you and working.
I have been thinking about it ~lol
Have a great holiday and trip!

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