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suzie2003August 12, 2011

Help. My family room is 466 sq ft. The installers told me it would take one day to complete. We are now on day three and they're not finished. How long should it take to complete an install of 466 sq ft. The subfloor is wood and problem free. The home is less than 7 yrs old. The old flooring was carpet. Day one, I had one individual who quit at 5pm. Day two, 2 individuals who stayed until 7pm. Day three it's almost 6pm and they are not done. I've been a prisoner in my home for three days. I've complained to the contractor, who's only been on site one day. I've complained to HSS the company that recommended him and warranty's his work. I'm so tired and frustrated I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I'm so tempted to tell them not to come back if they don't finish tonight. I haven't paid them yet.

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That seems excessive time, but there has to be a reason it is taking so ling.

We need more details like:

Type of flooring---real wood, laminate, plastic, etc.

Method of installing----staple down, glue down, snap together; etc.

Is there a pattern?

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This is why people hire me. The person you talk to about the job, the person who gives you a proposal with references and the person who shows up and does the work. One job at a time, a little more expensive than others but in and out, stick to the price quoted and exceptional work. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND DON"T TAKE THE LOWEST PRICE! Don't hire the people recommended from the big box stores.They use the first person to answer the phone.

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Handymac, the its 3/4" hardwood. No design, just straight install. 1 fireplace and a short 6' hall.
Don92, price was not as much the issue as convenience. I checked the reviews and asked what I thought were the right questions. I guess I'll know next time. Thanks for the input. Btw, the crew of two left about 30 mins ago and the floor is still not complete.

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was the flooring pre finished? if it was 3 guys should of been done on day one. if not should of been done on day two. were the paid by the square foot or by the hour?

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What do you mean by "checking the reviews". You didn't use someone like Angies list did you? They are worthless! Talk to neighbors next time and get at least 10 references.

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I have no solution.

With prefinished material and competent installers, two days max.

With unfinished material(meaning sanding/finishing is necessary after the install), five days max.

Hiring workmen means checking references. An online website is useless because no matter how the website checks a company, companies can cheat and change fast enough to negate any checks. And, companies have to pay to be on most of those sites---meaning the sites are not gonna dump them since the site looses income.

Look at length of time in business, ask for references you can go and see/talk to folks about. Listing references is too easy to fake.

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The installer informed me yesterday that we're short 2 pieces of threshold. I attempted to purchase it but of course the store's out of stock. I placed the order and the pieces will be in on Tuesday or Wednesday. I still have nail holes that need to be patched, trim to be laid and 2 doors that need to be trimmed. BTW the floors are prefinished.
I finally had a face to face with the installers boss (the individual I hired) which was a waste of time. This has been a valuable lesson and I thank you all for letting me vent and showing me the error of my ways. I did check BB standing and call two of the references. I should have checked deeper. I was told by the guy putting in the floor that several people have quit and the boss is over committed. Anyway, I'll provide an update on Wednesday. The good news is I haven't paid anything yet and my daughter's an attorney. (smile)

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Well today is Wednesday and my floor is still not complete. I'm still waiting on the required pieces. The Contractor and I are still at odds. He was supposed to pick up the debris from the install on Monday and when I called to inquire why it was still in my yard on Tuesday he actually had an attitude. I'm really tired of this guy. However the warranty for the install becomes null and void if I have someone else complete the work. At this point I'm ready to withhold a portion of the installation cost for my inconvenience. My daughter tells me that his actions are a textbook case for breach of contract.

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The floor is finally done. Thank you so very much for letting me vent. The contractor sent two individuals to complete the trim and putty the nail holes around the baseboard. It took them less than an hour. They even replaced a few boards. I felt like popping the bubbly. Thanks again. don92 and Handymac I promise if I ever have any more work done I'll double and triple check all references. Thanks again

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Wow, that's way too long. DH and I floored our 450 sq ft family room floor with 5" unfinished walnut, stapled down, in 2 days. Mostly long, straight rows with but a fireplace to cut around and coat closet to floor. Plus the first 1/2 day was me without DH. Then 1 day to sand, 2 days to do 4 coats of poly.

Was there a lot of standing around? Rearranging boards to get the joints random? Rework?

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To be honest the one guy was just very slow. He would take 5-10 minutes to select the next board in a row. It was almost as if he was moving in slow motion. At the end of day two less than 1/2 the spaces was done. He did have to pull up a few mislaid boards, maybe a total of 10. I have no woodworking skills but I truly believe I could have done the job myself in that time. :-)

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