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bev2009November 2, 2012

I've been wanting to make a mug rug as a thank-you gift for my daughter's friend who did me a favor. I don't like thank-you's sitting on my to do list for so long. So I got busy yesterday and designed and made the rug. I had bought the fabric for her a couple of months ago. She loves bees and is a teacher. The backing is bees and the alphabet, but it is not a juvenile print. The applique bee hive came out well, as did the FMQ bees and the curvy seam joining sky and grass. However, I only have black and white thread for my machine so the bees don't show up so well. It just doesn't look finished to me. I think some embroidery would like nice...some tall grass blades, some flowers, but I haven't embroidered in 30 years. I may have some thread stored in the basement. Is it OK to embroider even though I have the backing on. It will show on the back. (The darker blue sky is just wet fabric from wiping off the marking pen.) Suggestions?

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I think it is fine just the way it is. You have done a nice job.
If you do decide to do a little hand embroidery you really can just go through the top layer and not the back but I honestly don't believe you need it.

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Bev, I think it is very sweet the way it is, but I can see what you mean. I think a little grass or maybe a daisy would give you the more complete look you are trying to achieve. I would do as Jayne suggests - only go through the top layer with your embroidery stitches.

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Ditto what Lois and Nanajayne said...perhaps a bumble flying in black/yellow and white??

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Thanks, ladies, for the kind words and suggestions. I'm leaving today for a few days out-of-town, so this will wait until I get home. I'll post pictures when it is complete. I can't wait to visit a new quilt shop! Hehehe.

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Oh, how cute is that?

Very nice, as is, but can't wait to see it after you've 'spiced it up' a tad.


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I think your mug rug is very cute and a great thank-you for your daughter's friend.

I recently added embroidery to a quilt after the back was on. As others have suggested, I choose to only sew through the top. It was certainly harder than embroidering all the way through, but it looked nice. I found creative ways to hide the knot on the top of the fabric (I was writing words, so I made my knot into the dot on the top of an "i" or part of a comma). In your case, you could incorporate the knot into the center of a simple flower or some other design element. Just a thought...

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I got out pencil and paper to sketch out some designs. Nothing I did wowed me. I pulled out my bit of embroidery thread and out of the six greens, nothing went well, and the other colors that I might have used for flowers or something seemed to bright. So, since I couldn't be guaranteed of decent stitches (since I haven't embroidered in years)I am going with the suggestions to leave it as is. LOL Thanks for your suggestions!

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Sound good to me. I like it as it is.

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It is so cute! I also like is as is, she will love it.

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I don't see a problem with leaving it as is, either. I think it's cute!


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