Finally, a show of things I got done at Retreat!

jennifer_in_vaNovember 27, 2011

The picture loading & posting process is a slow one for me and I don't often get time to sit and get through it. But tonight's been a good night, so I'll show you the things I got done at retreat in October.

A few years ago our guild had an estate/yard sale. I purchased a bunch of partial/completed block sets. I've slowly been working on getting them together into tops. Most of them are heading to our charity program.

This first one was a completed top... It came with 2 extra blocks and more green strips ready for more log cabin blocks. I decided I wasn't going to make more blocks, so just added a border to this one and cut backing for the sandwich. Then turned it over to someone else to handle the rest.

Here are the two extra blocks sew together with the backing fabric. Figured it'd make a NICU quilt, or something for a small child. Also, provided backing for this one.

This one were blocks that I won from a BOM a few years back. I simply wanted it put together and out!! I had some extra 4-patches so threw them into the borders. Don't think I really like that 'out-of-the-box' idea, but it's done, and gone!!

Then there's this one. This one is interesting! The blocks I got were diagonal log cabin blocks with a white center. They were cool! Originally, I thought they'd go together and make a really cool layout, maybe a tree skirt. But once I started working with them, NONE of them had straight sides...the sides were more arcs than anything, and I couldn't cut them down evenly. So, Trish offered the idea to to cut them down... and I did. I cut them all into 6 1/2" squares, then sewing them together was easy as pie!

This created such a cool pattern that I've kept it. Added a border and voila! It's done. Not sure what I'll do with it, but it's here.

I think I still have a few sets of estate sale blocks, but I'm getting there. I hate to see them thrown away/wasted! (Extra ones maybe, but not all of them!)

When I got home from retreat, one day I needed a 'fix'. I had a bunch of leftover HSTs from my nephew's quilt so started laying them out. It turned into this small quilt. Turned this one in to the charity quilt program with backing & binding (which was leftover from another project) I think it ended up about 20" x 28", or something like that.

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Thanks for posting the final pictures of these projects. You accomplished alot and others will benefit from your kindness, skill and creativity. It was a great and productive weekend.

It is an effort/ time consuming to post pictures here, but so worth it. Thanks!

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I still love the "diamond squares" quilt (or are they "square diamonds?


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Jennifer, they all turned out great! My favorite is still the diagonal log cabin. I am sure you feel good about getting so much accomplished and for such a good cause!


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thanks for the reminder. They were lovely in person. You get more done than two of us and we aren't home schooling four kids.

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Impressive and well done as always. I love how you take the effort to finish any and all projects that come your way. And they look wonderful when done. You put me to shame. I haven't been near my sewing machine since we returned from retreat. I'm in a dry period.

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Jennifer you do accomplish so much! My daughter also home schools so I know how busy you are.

It can be a pain to post pics here and I also am thankful that our members take the time to post.

My fav is the one you trimmed to a 6&1/2 square!

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Jen you really got a lot done! My fav is the one which began as a tree skirt & 'evolved' :) So pretty!

Nice job!!

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Jennifer, you have always impressed me with your quilting and time management. Love all your ideas for never wasting time or fabric.

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Marge, 'time management' is all glass and mirrors! LOL

Other things simply don't get done! like cleaning!LOL A clean house is sadly over-rated! tee hee

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I hear what you're saying about a spic n span, spotless antiseptically clean house, Jen. I'll bet your house is clean as opposed to being dirty.....that's my thinking when it comes to doing housework.

'done and gone' gives a good feeling, eh? Good job on getting all the blocks put together in such a great way.


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I certainly wouldn't make the "Hoarder's" show with filth. I can make it presentable to my MIL within the time she pulls in the driveway and gets to the front door!

The floor needs vacuuming more often than not, but that's got to change now that baby is crawling! grrr, I hate to vacuum!

I firmly believe that anti-germ campaigns are hurting our children more than helping. I believe in dirt.

And "YES" 'done & gone' is a great feeling!! I've now got 3 new ideas laying on my table to work over ;)

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