Square KEYED Entry Door Knob?

jodierdAugust 6, 2010

Just closed on a mid-century modern house. I'm changing out the hardware on the entry doors, and would love to find a square knob--needs to be keyed. It goes with other elements of the house. Is there such an animal?

There was a half circle back plate on the door at one time, which I will somehow replace, so I can't use the one I found that has a vertical plate behind it, the knob not keyed.


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And more rustic and rectangular from Renaissance(scroll to bottom).

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I'm drooling. Thanks Worthy!
P.S. Know you from reading this site since I have been keeping up on it for a long time. You might find my new house interesting:

Here is a link that might be useful: 1963 Butterfly Roof House

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Congratulations on your next project!

There seems to be a revival of sorts in mid 20th Century ranchers like yours.

Somewhat odd to me, as my career for the last 20 years has often involved knocking them down to build much larger homes. They are dreadful energy wasters in a cold climate, but perhaps work better in the mid-South US.

I'm sure with yourimpressive crafts background and endless energy, your new home will end up a work of art too.

You might be interested in Retro Renovation, which has lots of material on '50-'60s homes.

BTW, I think the square void in the fireplace wall was originally for firewood. TVs of that era were bulkier than later models.

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