Banging on my marble - oops!

Debbi BrankaApril 21, 2013

I've had my statuary marble for about a year. I love it. I have etches on it. I wish I didn't, but I do and I don't really care - I love my marble! Tonight I was filling some Mason jars with spices and kind of banging the jar so the contents would settle and I could fit more in. I did this with a couple pint jars and had no issue. Then I did it with a quart jar. Uh-oh. There were marks where I was hitting the glass bottom onto the marble. The marks were white dots almost. Like when you hit the concrete sidewalk hard with a rock. The bottoms of the quart jars are bumpy; the bottoms of the pint jars are smooth. So I have about 30 or so little white marks on the marble in the small area where I was banging the jar down. Oops! I still love my marble and even this won't bother me by tomorrow (I'm already getting over it), but I wanted to share in case anyone else thought to do the same thing. No banging glass down on your marble if you don't want marks on it!

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Holly- Kay

It will just add to the beauty.

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Already found out the no banging rule on day 1 with my Carrara. I have several little white chip marks in various places in the kitchen. They don't bother me either, nor does the etching.

As a related PSA, don't bang your mason jars on your walnut counter either. Or let your little DD gallop her toy horses on it. Or drop a can of artichoke hearts on it. Or let your cousin gesture wildly with his beer bottle during a story which ends with him banging the bottle down on the counter. At least those dents can be sanded out.

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Debbi Branka

That's a LOT of lessons to learn Breezy!

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The first few days I had my Marble, a bottle of red wine knocked over and a glass fell out of the cabinet and broke on the counter. The number of times that happened with my old formica? Zero! Thanks for the tip!

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I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the title, lol! Guess that's another lesson!

Glad you are keeping a positive attitude about it all.

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Debbi Branka

OMGosh! Williamsem you made me laugh out loud at work!

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I was trying to separate 2 frozen hamburger patties from each other by sticking a knife between them. Well, they separated and my knife banged down on the marble and made a small chip.
Lesson learned.
So I then turned around to my butcherblock and did it again w/ another 2 frozen patties.

Like breezy said:
"don't bang your mason jars on your walnut counter either. .... At least those dents can be sanded out."

I am actually getting better at accepting the pits/wear/etchings on the marble. My thinking is that more I put there, the quicker it'll all patina together.
Hosting a 100+ people plus BBQ next month: toasting already to more patina (on my marble and my new hardwood floor).


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