Could you please help me make the front of my house good looking

jay88August 12, 2009

I want to give my house a face lift in the front. Here is a picture, anybody that can photoshop that can give my house some curb appeal is much appreciated! I am open to any idea's and suggestions on a limited budget. Thanks in advance!

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I was thinking new siding/color,green shutters,On the right side new windows that are normal size on the 1st floor side by side with green shutters on each side. Also matching windows and shutters above them on the 2nd floor. New normal size window centered with the door and shutters. And some kind of concrete porch/roof where the doorway is or extending the porch from the door all the way to the right of the house. Please help as I think there is poyential here to make this house nice. Thanks!

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Here is a crappy photoshop that I tried to do, to give you all an idea of what I want to do. Hopfully someone can come up with a better photoshop than me.

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Here is a relatively low-cost idea to dress up the house if you are not wanting to spend huge amounts of money. Of course, paint will go a long way, too. The white is not doing it for me.(sorry, just helpful advice) I found this picture on a site called

It can dress up and protect your front door, but I was thinking that you could get one made to go over the garage door, too. It would add some nice touches and continuity to the front of the house. I can't seem to get the picture to past in right. Look at the site and you will see pictures of some cool looking pieces to accent your doors. It goes over them like a roof? Tell me what you think. Hope this is helpful?

Here is a link that might be useful: SilverStar Residential

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I think you've got the right idea. But reworking the facade--including almost all fenestrations and siding--is not a job to tackled on a limited budget.

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I like that idea, thank you! I agree a new stylish awning and paint would go a long way! Could anybody photshop my house with a different paint scheme and window's?

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I don't know how to use Photoshop but I have researched from Google on the design closest to your front house appearance. I hope this helps you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Can you tell us what is to the right of the front door, behind the large wall space? Is that living space? And is this a 3-story house, as it appears from the picture?

Just my initial reaction:
Add three windows to the right of the door (one large centered between two smaller).
Remove and cover the 3rd window from the right on the '2nd' (or middle) floor (the others are well balanced over the garage) and then enlarge the remaining two.
Add a covered porch area, using a shed roof.
Replace your garage door.

Just a few quick ideas.

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I thought my house was funky, but yours is even quirkier.

I would not fight the funk- I would go with it. Instead of trying to make it look traditional, which won't work with that roofline, how about going modern/Frank Gehryesque? (Not that I know what that is.) Here are some outside of the box ideas:

1. Change the front siding to match the sides and attic (?) area.

2. Change the garage door- maybe to a modern barn door look with two doors.

3. Replace the attic windows with a series of identical clerestory windows from side to side, about eight of them. Big wide trim around them.

4. On the second floor, continue the window pattern that's over the garage all the way over (probably mean adding three or four more). Wide trim around all.

5. Metal or galvanized tin roof.

6. New door: single light french.

7. Depends on what rooms are on the first floor, but I'd put another two single light french doors, sliders, to the right of the front door.

8. Pergola from end to end of the house to define the first floor, with a solid (galvanized tin?)roof over the entry door or maybe all the way across. With a patio outside in front of the single-light slider.

9. Paint: charcoal gray with black trim, or dark purply-brown with plum trim. Or warm tan with white trim. Or...?

  1. Landscaping: tall spiky things.

Good luck.
I have had a heck of a time working around the bizarre add-ons on my house. Each part of the house still has different siding. So I am in the same boat- except that I have only one story to contend with, which makes it a little less daunting. In any case, it will not be cheap.

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I would start with the inside of the house and find elements that work for the spaces. Are there really no windows on the ground floor?

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I think you have an interesting modern style house. I don't think you'll ever get it to look like a traditional house. I'd embrace the modern style and enhance it.

Here's my attempt using the very non technical MS Paint program. The photo shop folks could do a better job.

I think a bold color (doesn't have to be red) would help. But even shades of brown could work. Your house has horizontal lines and I'd not fight them.

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In case the red scared's a more sedate option:

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