What order should remodeling tasks be done?

arkansaswifeyAugust 7, 2006

We are remodeling our den/kitchen/laundry room. I'm not sure what order the tasks should be done. How should it be done?

1. Scrape 'popcorn' texture off ceiling in den.

2. Install recessed lighting and new light fixtures in kitchen and den.

3. Paint ceiling in den.

4. Paint walls/trim in den/kitchen/laundry room.

5. Remove wallpaper in kitchen.

6. Remove old carpet.

7. Install new carpet.

8. Remove old light fixtures and possibly patch ceiling.

9. Remove vinyl flooring in kitchen and laundry room.

  1. Install new flooring in kitchen and laundry room.

  2. Remove and Install new countertops in kitchen and laundry room.

  3. Install backsplash.

  4. Install new appliances.

I know it's quite a list and I appreciate everyone's help. Also, please let me know which tasks you think a pair of DIYers could tackle? The rest of the tasks will be hired out.

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General procedure

1. Remove any flooring to be replaced---carpet/vinyl.

2. Ceiling repair/overhaul/painting. Then install new lighting.

3. Strip wallpaper/repair walls and paint.

4. Paint/replace trim. Base molding for rooms with carpet can be done either before or after the carpet is installed. Base molding in rooms with vinyl/hardwood flooring will be the last thing done.

5. Cabinet/countertop work

6. Install vinyl/hardwood flooring. Be aware that space for under the counter appliances can be shortened when adding vinyl/hardwood flooring----preplanning needs to be done.

7. Install new appliances

8. Install base molding in rooms with vinyl/hardwood.

9. Install carpeting.

This is a general list---the order for rooms to be done is up to you.

DIY is very subjective. Some people can do carpet but not painting. Others cannot install appliances. Best way to determine if any of those jobs is doable by you/spouse is to buy a demodeling book---local HD/Lowe's have good ones----with a guide to all of those areas. You can learn how each job is done, what special tools are needed, and whether you want to attempt doing the job. The special tools necessary to do all of the jobs you listed are available from tool rental places.

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One thing I would add is when I took off the popcorn on my ceiling I left the carpet on the floor but pulled it off the tack strips and cut it in manageable strips. Once the popcorn was down I rolled the carpet up with everything in it. It made cleanup a little easier.

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Thanks so much! This will be very helpful in planning our time and purchases!

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Yeah, that popcorn ceiling is messy stuff. I second the let it fall on the old carpet idea. Definitely do it before you put down your new flooring. Let gravity be your guide. Ceilings first, paint walls next, floors last.

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Yes, ceilings first.
We had a drop ceiling (from the 60's/70's)
The original ceiling above started to fall down.
Talk about a drop ceiling.
We had to take the entire ceiling down - what a mess!
Black soot was all over the house..............
I NEVER want to go thru that again!
(new ceiling still is not complete....)

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