Getting a contractor to pay for corrective work

RileyAfterAllAugust 18, 2014

I had an HVAC sub do a lot of bad work, confirmed by 3 other HVAC contractors. He also installed the wrong equipment. He's offered to fix everything but I don't want him to. I want someone I trust to do the work.

Has anyone had any luck with courts or the State board in getting contractors to pay for corrective work?

I imagine the most common scenario is letting the contractor fix deficiencies but I'm reluctant since HVAC performance is so dependent on the quality of work.

Thanks for the help!

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You have to give him a shot at fixing it. A judge will not be happy if you don't.

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"... confirmed by 3 other HVAC contractors...

I must ask.. Why were these three contractors not called/hired to do the original work?

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3 other hvac co's were probably after the fact.
hvac co's don't like to come behind another
hvac co's. most of these guys know each other
perhaps belong to same organizations.

no co willingly walks into a lawsuit, and co to
correct (if necessary) will charge higher to fix
someone else work.

have the original hvac co attempt to correct install,
they will usually send out best tech/install crew.

best of luck.

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