DIY ideas for fireplace surround?

jenniferPAJune 28, 2012

Our fireplace surround in this photo is some sort of faux slate. It collects dust and I've spent hours with a scrub brush trying to get it all out - still looks terrible. It's a gas fireplace.

I am thinking of tiling over it, although I've never done such a project. Any ideas or tips for a DIY fix?


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Fori is not pleased

Do you like the slatey grey color? I do. I think tiling it with a natural slate tile would be pretty nice. Do rent a tile saw (or buy one if they're on sale--sometimes it's the same price).

If it's possible to temporarily remove the mantle trim before tiling, the job will be easier, but even if you can't, it's not too bad a job to DIY. You cut everything before you start to stick it down so you'll know if you can do it before you mess up what you already have.

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We got this stone from lowes, it is inexpensive and easy DIY. Lowes will make the cuts for you and we glued it on with heavy duty construction adhesive, no grouting. Took us a couple hours with our borrowed tile saw. They have one with grey instead of the gold and cream that we used that might be perfect and you could keep the floor slate. I would go over the top of the slate if it where me doing the work and not take off the old slate. We applied the stone after the mantle was installed and painted. They also have other styles that you might like.

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rtwilliams, you have a lovely room and beautiful DIY fireplace surround! And, since I have two of them, I have to comment on the darling Westie, too! He/she blends in beautifully with the decor!

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