Do darker marbles show etching less?

DeDe15April 9, 2013

Like many here I'm having such a hard time with kitchen countertop selection. Most granites are too busy for me and my husband and I are both drawn to marbles, not 100% certain I can deal with the etching, but still reading and looking at as much info as I can. Soapstone remains an option as well - trying to find the hardest grey I can, as it seems the greens are the harder varieties and its not a color I'm after. FYI, the cooktop will be induction and is located on the island. Prep happens both on the counter behind the island (near sink) and on the island itself.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned.... Those of you with darker marbles, do you see less etching on them (assuming honed)? With "DryTreat" and other sealers, I'm assuming staining would be less of an issue and we're pretty good about using cutting boards in general, but the etching would definitely be the thing most likely to occur. We're looking at light marbles but also came across a beautiful blueish grey marble with much less lighter coloring to it. Anyone care to shed some light? Many thanks!

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No!!! I have 4 emperador and 1 crema marfil bathroom countertop and hate them all. They are completely etched in places. The crema marfil is pitted too. Yuck! I don't particularly care for the colors of our countertops ( here when we moved in) so I dream of ripping them out someday. I love the look of white/grey marbles but have to remind myself that it would probably do the same.

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Sophie Wheeler

No, darker shows it worse because the etches show up as lighter spots on the dark.

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Hollysprings- was wondering about that... If there was a color change or not.

Thanks to both of you for information. I I have no clue what's going to end up in this kitchen! I get a lot of light in my kitchen so at certain angles and in certain spots I'm sure the etching would show on and off, depending on how the light hits it. Reading more on soapstone and going to visit a place this week that has a decent amount of it in stock. I really like the marble look, though and have run the gamut.... Marble "look alikes" in quartzite, marble, soapstone, the manufactured stuff (gets too pricey, though...) ugh. Went through this with the cooktop, literally changed my mind every other day, replacing electric cooktop.... Induction vs. gas and depending on what went through my head when I woke up each day, the choice kept changing! Settled on induction, very happy, now to install the thing once the countertops are decided! One big domino game....

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