those with corner sinks - awkward with dishwasher?

themiApril 16, 2014

Hi All -

Considering putting in a corner orientation for the main cleaning sink. It would be a much more efficient use of counter space. However, wondering how practical it is for loading the dishwasher?

For those with this set up, how did you space your dishwasher so that it flows with loading movements?

Or, if anyone has this and HATES it, tell me why.

I'm all ears.


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My mom has had a corner sink with the dishwasher right next to it for probably 30 years now. It's fine for loading the dishwasher. If someone is standing at the sink, they can load without moving their feet at all. If the dishwasher door is down and you're walking to the sink from the one side of the room, you just have to walk around the door, but that would be the case even if the sink weren't a corner sink.

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I had this in my last house and thought it was great. I put a 9" base pullout between the sink and dishwasher to give room to maneuver. All the dishes went in the cabinets on the other side of the sink. Plates, bowls, mixing bowls, flatware in the drawer base and glasses and cups in the wall cabinet. I had no trouble with loading the dishwasher.

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The corner sink with the DW separated with a 9" cabinet works out just fine as far as the DW goes.

The reason I don't like the corner sink is largely because the front of the sink is smaller then the typical 36" base cabinet front. Only 1 person can comfortably be using the sink. Having our garbage in the cabinet below just exacerbates the situation.

It does save counter top space but perhaps if you post your layout some of the designers can help.

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That set up has worked fine for us for almost 30 years in our small 10'x10'-6" kitchen. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have. It is no problem to load or unload the DW, in fact it is quite convenient to just turn and load while standing at the sink....

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I have a corner sink with a 12" cab between it and my DW. I would not like having my DW right next to the sink, despite other posters' experiences. I prefer to have a bit more room to stand at the sink while loading the DW.

As aloha2009 noted, a corner sink has less counter edge than a non-corner sink. I have about 22" across the face of my 42" corner sink cab. Hasn't really been an issue for us. What is a problem is how hard it is to clean the deep corner. I'm short so I often have to climb partway up on the counter to clean the farthest section. That said, if the kitchen lay-out that worked best for us required a corner sink, I'd do it again in a heart beat.

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My mom installed that arrangement when she redid her small kitchen and it really made for excellent use of space. She has the DW on her left, with a spice pull out between them to give her just a little room to shift around. Loading and unloading the DW is a breeze. In a perfect world corner sinks are not ideal but in her small space it worked well.

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The guideline is the edge of the DW should be a minimum of 21" from the center of the sink hence a 9" cabinet is often used. I usually place a 15" cabinet there is possible as it is more useful. I've never understand the "two people at the sink" argument, can't really fit two comfortably at a standard sink IMO. Trash placement is another matter, under sink is a headache but always is a last resort with any sink, ideally the trash would also have 21" clearance but kitchens that benefit from corner sinks rarely have both. A second small on the door trash can sometimes solve this, especially if there is a prep sink.

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From personal experience, this is the "two person" scenario. One person is at the sink washing a pot, another person wants to wipe down the table. In my kitchen the 2nd person can come over rinse out the dishrag without making the 1st person move even one step. Let's say one person is at the sink and a 2nd person wants a glass of water. This doesn't happen all the time in our house but it does happen. No personal experience with corner sinks but it appears cramped to me.

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Have had a corner sink for 10 years and will have one in new kitchen. It's a great use of space. The only "con" is that two people can't use the sink at the same time, but, you know, everything in kitchen design has a "con". How often do you have two people using the sink at the same time anyway? The pros outweigh the con - my favorite pros being the enormous amount of room under the sink for garbage disposal and storage, and the corner sink allows long uninterrupted counter in the kitchen.

The one "absolute must" of corner sink placement is to have a cabinet between the sink and the DW. So the order would be corner-sink-then cabinet-then DW. The ideal cabinet there is the garbage pull-out cabinet. It's an efficient location for garbage, and it allows the DW door to be opened without "trapping" the person at the corner sink. If you are a righty, it's preferable--though not essential--to have the garbage pull-out, then DW, on the right side of the sink.

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Thank you for the replies! Good to hear so many positive experiences with a corner sink. I feel better considering it as a truly viable option.

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Debrak- I understand the premise, just don't find it all that convenient to have someone trying to reach in front of me to get to the faucet when I'm there and I have an offset faucet.
I don't play well with others, get your drink from the fridge, here I'll rinse that for you, stay out of my space, which is why a second sink was a "must" for my own kitchen, consider it the single best thing we did by fat. For any two person kitchen or most "cook and a helper" I suggest serious consideration be give to a second sink (and trash).

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