Help with Bathroom color! up to my ears in Beige/Tan/Khaki!

lishaanaJune 20, 2012

It's been a while since I posted... DH finally agreed to let me paint the house in something other than shade of white, so I don't want to mess things up!

So my dilemma involves my 1st floor guest bath. The counters are a giallo granite with yellow undertones and the floor tile ended up a beige tile with pinkish undertones(we chose it based on samples and I am not thrilled with the result- but it can't be changed). A designer I was working with helped me choose SW Fenland 7544. It is a khaki/Tan with a greenish undertone. The painters put up the 1st coat and it looks off to me and because the bathroom has no windows, the room looks very dark to me. It makes the floor tile look even more pink. I have spent the past 4 days and 14 paint samples later have not been able to find a shade of tan/beige/khaki/greige that works in this room. Here are some pics:

The paint is more green than it appears in the pics above. And the countertop is more yellowish.

Anyone with any color suggestions? They can be BM or SW colors. The pinkish beiges look terrible in there and the yellowish greenish beiges make the tiles look more pink.

It doesn't have to be tan... I will consider almost every color(except pink or purple). And nothing too dark as the bathroom has no natural light.

Thanks in Advance!


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How about grey, or blue?

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I might be tempted to cut the paint color you have since you think it is too dark, the shade isn't that bad of a match. I understand all those samples, it is exhausting, I just went through that myself. Good Luck

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winesnob- How do you "cut the paint color"?

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I would take the paint back to the store and tell them that it is a nice color but too dark. Depending on the base they started with they may be able to help you by adding a quart or ratio of same base white. It can be iffy, my daughter has done it several times with success. The downfall would probably be you would never be able to match it again.

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Annie Deighnaugh

There seems to be a shade of gray in both the tile and the counter that may help to unite the space.

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I think Ellon Kennon Champagne Gold might be nice.

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I ended up choosing SW Macadamia 6142. It's slightly yellow greenish undertones, but not too much. I went through a lot of grays as well and they all seemed to make my flooring look very pink. They are painting the bathroom tomorrow so keeping my fingers crossed! I'll post an update pic soon!

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I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. I really hope you like the color you picked. I know what you're going through with the lovely pink undertones. I think almost everything I thought was going to be 'neutral' brown in our house ended up having pink undertones and it's too late now.

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BM Sailcloth

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I have Macadamia in my bedroom and master bath and love it. It goes perfectly with my bathroom granite which is similar to yours. Hope it works for you.

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I love your wall color! Black and white accessories would give the space a very sophisticated 'air'. Please re- think your wanting to change the color.

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