Mildew in walkin closet ; How to remodel?

spedprofAugust 14, 2014

I live in an apt. condo by the Ocean. A few pair of pants (unworn for a few years) in a walkin closet were found to have a while powder which the cleaner says is mildew. There is no smell in the closet. A few questions:

We have begun to dealing with the mildew? One side is an outside wall where all bricks were replaced a few years ago? Another side faces a bathroom. We washed down the walls with Vinegar, but I think we should remodel the closet. Do we add new inner walls on top of the old ones, and a ceiling with better insulation? Does that make the closet much smaller? Will that likely work or is it unnecessary? Or do we remove the existing walls and start over?

Thanks in advance.

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What type of HVAC does the closet have? And how well is that exterior wall insulated. Mildew is caused by moisture and lack of air movement.

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Likely the exterior wall is dropping below the dew point. Insulate better and seal. In the closet itself, consider wire shelves, a louvered door; add an HVAC register. Monitor and control relative humidity with a dehumidfier.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Prevent Moisture in Closets

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Is there any evidence of mold on the closet walls? Any evidence of wetness, water stains, water intrusion?

It is not clear you need to do anything to the closet if the only symptom is some "white powder" on pants that have been unworn for a few years.

With no wetness signs, and no moldy/mildewy smell, what are you cleaning?

I would not do any repairs or work in the closet until I identified the problem more specifically.

The concerning types of mold can be measured. Even if walls were cleaned with vinegar, a mold specialist can take a better look at the whole house and let you know if any repairs or replacement are needed.


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