Will Aberdeen Cambria Countertop look good with white cabinets?

Gal808August 20, 2013


We moved in to our home 2 years ago and I have been checking this forum to validate my design ideas, and all of the posts have been very helpful.
We are now doing a renovation in our kitchen and initially, I wanted bamboo kitchen cabinets but DH said we need to keep cost down and less customized. We agreed on white kitchen cabinets with frosted glass doors for the hanging cabinets since the kitchen is fairly small and would like to make it look bigger and brighter.
We are using cherry wood for the island to match the color of the dining furnitures.
I am set to using Cambria for the countertops but torn between making it look really clean with Windmere Design or going bold and different to add color and drama with Aberdeen. If Aberdeen is not the right design, can you please suggest how can I achieve the bold and dramatic effect with my countertop?

I took fancy of Vertazzo, the green countertop but was shot down by DH since we live in Hawaii, it was not as cost effective as Cambria or granite.

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If your kitchen is large enough to allow it, why not put the Aberdeen on the island and the Windemere on the rest of the counters?
Having said that, I honestly would be a little wary of using the Aberdeen since the bold color will limit decor choices in the future.

For visuals visit the link below, and if you want more opinions post on the Decor Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen counters

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Did you check the Kitchens Forum?

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens

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thank you for your responses! I went back to the Cambria store and took a closer look at the Aberdeen. He thinks it is too bold. I was thinking of taking your suggestion of the Windermere for the countertops and the Aberdeen for the island, but if I want to play it safe, just go with the Windermere, I suppose.

I will check out the links you have shared and will keep you posted! I really appreciate your help!

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Check the link below for some pics of the Aberdeen on kitchen islands. May give you more ideas! Have to say it looks pretty good. : )
Don't rush into your decision, since you may find a countertop that works better than Windmere.

Also keep in mind the amount of lighting you have and your floor color.

Here's Aberdeen with off-white cabinets.

Traditional Kitchen by Edina Design-Build Firms w.b. builders

Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria Aberdeen

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Hi Annz:

Wow! You have revived my spirit! This picture made my day!
Our overall flooring is light bamboo but since we could not find the make of the bamboo flooring, we are looking at tiling the kitchen area, but more of a textured, light colored tile.
I will take your advise as to not rushing, I will take my time :)

Thank you!!!

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Hi Annz:

Just to give you an update... your link did inspire me and all it took for my husband was to look at an actual huge Aberdeen piece for him to agree to use it for our island. Our kitchen is now really getting its shape :) Thanks to you!

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You're welcome! Nice to hear my suggestions are sometimes helpful! : )

Be sure to share photos when you finish the project.

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Gal808 did you remodel with Aberdeen? I am building a new home and am thinking of off-white cabinets with Aberdeen, maybe with an espresso island. I'd love to see pictures!

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