Backsplash Photos from Further Away, as requested

beekeeperswifeApril 11, 2010

I am sorry that I haven't gotten to this, but my kitchen has been an absolute disaster and I haven't taken any photsos lately.

Here are some from last evening (thus the Pimms and Manhattan makings on the counter) and this morning.

The kitchen will be photographed in early June. Needless to say, everything will need to be completed by then!

Thanks for all of the kind words from everybody on the other thread. We are still loving the tile every time we see it! Everyone who comes in to the kitchen needs to touch it. It has taken some of the pressure off of the fridge (everyone used to want to touch it when they came in!)

Enjoy these couple of photos.


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Congratulations! It's awesome! How cool was that to win such an incredible backsplash?!?! Enjoy!

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So pretty, you must be loving it. Can't wait to see the totally finished pics. Pimms and Manhattans, must have been a fun night :)

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It just looks great from every view! Wow again!

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Just as beautiful as the closeups I love it!

What color paint(s) did you use?

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That's it!!! That the Money Shot! It's worth a million bucks...or smiles :) Every time I see that angle, it just makes me grin!

Love love love it. Just couldn't be more perfect in my book. Have another Pimms and Manhattan--you deserve it! The red cherries for the Manhattans are another perfect touch (of red)!

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Oh,'s even more gorgeous from a step back than it was up close!! That couldn't be more perfect for your kitchen. I love the texture of them, it's just incredible.

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That is just drop dead gorgeous!

If I may ask, what color did you paint your cabinets?

The whole thing is just so yummy and elegant. Fabulous!

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Love, love, love the paint treatment. Quite creative and unique!

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I'm glad ya'll like it from far away too!

Regarding the colors:
Cabinets are Cloud White by BM
Wall behind the range is Italian Leather (a Valspar color mixed by BM for me)
Other walls are Coastal Villa (also a Valspar color but mixed by BM for me)

I had the Coastal Villa (a gray) behind the stove wall originally but I felt the hood was lost and didn't pop. I really wanted the hood to "pop" and not "blend". I also have that same color at the far end of this room. We knocked down the half walls between the kitchen and family room, ran cork throughout the whole thing and now we sort of have a "great" room, although not nearly as grand as the name implies.

If you should happen to look for those colors at Lowe's, don't be surprised by how they look on the chip. Even though my paint chip matches my walls when I hold it up, it really looks more taupe when you see it alone in the store. I really like it.

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Your kitchen should qualify for a decorator design award. We have followed your progress for some time and are thrilled that it has come out so beautifully.

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I love how your kitchen sparkles...sigh....

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It is definitely perfect for your kitchen!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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stunning!! It's all come together perfect!!

You suggested we do the light rail trim, which I'd also thought about. But, what did you use? Our big box stores don't carry an "official" light rail trim, and I've looked at a few mouldings. Just not sure what's right. Any chance for a close up of yours? :) :)

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Who is the tile manufacturer? Love it!

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Wow, just wow.

I would never have chosen that tile, as it looks sort of "exotic" by itself. However, seeing it installed, the outline becomes a very unique and elegant accent that really defines your kitchen. Almost a Chanel-like quilting in the photo. I just love how very smart it it. The curves soften the angular lines in the kitchen. Really a great choice! Thank you for the photos.

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sue36--the tile is from mission stone and tile. It's handmade in Mexico. I have no idea who the actual manufacturer is. Hecho in Mexico.

Hey momto4, oh, I know what you mean. We drove ourselves nuts going to Lowe's to find lightrail moulding. We ended up with the cheapest solution of all. We went to the "specialty" lumber yard. You know the kind of place...they have the word "lumber" in their name. Sure enough, they had a wall full of different moulding. I wish I could find a scrap of what we used to photograph it or trace the shape, but I can't find any of it.

The part that goes under the cabinet only goes back as far as the backside of the front piece of the cabinet. (1/2"?) We didn't want the lights to be in a "tunnel" under there.

I'm pretty sure that the lumber yard didn't call this "light rail", but we told him what we wanted to do (and since this place also sells cabinets they are familiar with the idea) and he helped us out. When I say it was the cheapest, it was only $30 for 24 linear feet. To buy the moulding from kraftmaid, and then paint it ourselves was going to be $50 for each 8' section! Can you imagine? $150 vs $30? Not sure why we didn't go there in the first place!
Here are some photos to look at.


If I do find a scrap of material, I will make sure to let you know!

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Absolutely lovely! The sprinkles on the icing on the cake.

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Just Fabulous. I want to rip out my subway tiles and install your arabesque! And that dark color on the walls! How did you get the nerve? It looks amazing!

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BEAUTIFUL!!!! The backsplash is perfect. makes it look so upscale, stylish and yet timeless. Gorgeous. you have a beautiful kitchen!

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Will you show us the rest of your kitchen... It is so pretty... Love the color...

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That backsplash is just the perfect completion for your kitchen. really lovely!

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Love, love, love your tile (and the rest of your kitchen)!

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Absolutely, positively stunning back splash! I really love it. :)

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I'll say it again here, it is just gorgeous! Maybe you had to enter a contest to figure it out, but you had to have a vision that this is what you wanted before agreeing to use it if you won it. How many people would say yes to something they didn't think would work or they didn't like, even if it was free? And your vision brought about a masterpiece! The white and very dark contrast just hits something fundamental in me, and the pattern adds a very elegant touch to your already beautiful kitchen.

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I found that wonderful tile:

If that link doesn't work, you can go to and look under New Products

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I love your backsplash so much! I really complements the rest of the kitchen so nicely and boosts my choice to have your kitchen as one of my inspirations. I, too, am not sure I would have picked this without seeing what it would really look like on a wall, but boy does it work! I found the tile website as soon as you posted your first pics and was wondering about price. It's not listed on the website and the company hasn't returned a request for the pricing. Me thinks it's very expensive! Fabulous kitchen!

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Thank you for posting more pics. I love it, love it, love it!! This was the best choice (tile). Your kitchen is beautiful and I'm happy for you that it is done.
You mentioned you are having professional pics taken and I hope you post those as well!

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Hi gang. You guys really are too kind. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, what kind words you have for me.

breezygirl--the price of the tile, from what I was told, is $20 sq foot. Rather than using email to contact them, I would give them a call. try (615) 244-6448. Ask for Mary Elizabeth and tell her you saw the tile on GW.

thanks again everybody

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beekeeperswife. Love it! I really like the paint color above the cabinets. So many people agonize on this forum about having space between cabinets and the ceiling. This is the first time I've seen anyone paint it really dark like that and it makes it look so good. I love your tile, it's fabulous.

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What a show stopping stunning kitchen! I love kitchen that have so much character and the unexpected. It is gorgeous. What a fabulous chandelier too! You have wonderful taste and a creative eye. I am drooling.


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Who is your lighting by? You inspired my to install the back splash in my new kitchen.$20.00 is alot to me but I only get 1 chance to do it right! I was wanting to ask how the clean up is and is it durable?I am a little nervous about the tile around my pot filler getting chipped.I hope my kitchen looks half as good as yours!!

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