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faytayNovember 15, 2012

Hi. Those of you who know me might remember one of my favorite passtimes is to go to auctions. I've stopped picking up $5 sewing machines because I'm pretty sure if you really don't know how many you have, you probably have enough, haha, but I wanted to share my latest find.

This quilt is all hand appliqued and hand quilted and since I will NEVER make one like this I decided to bid on this one. It is wonderfully made and in perfect condition, not a speck of dirt or wear anywhere. Well worth $80.

Shortly after I won this they started auctioning a 'box of material'. I've promised myself never to bid on anything I hadn't checked out beforehand but I somehow missed this. I ended up bidding and getting it for $25. I immediately had buyer's remorse since it was unknown 'material', but it ended up being quite a score. Besides several yards of nice cotton there were several sets of hand appliqued blocks. I haven't posted pictures for awhile, so I'll try to add one of those.

I actually feel really bad that there was no one in this lady's family who kept these, but I'm going to try and do them justice.

Did I mention I LOVE auctions ;)



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There are 20 of the flower circles. The same block as the quilt but these all use the same fabrics in all the blocks. There are 12 scrappy of the pointy ones, 12 scrappy of the ladies with parasols with all the embroidery done, 12 of the green fans and 6 of the ships. There is only one of the last green block, but a whole lot of pieces already cut.

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Too funny about the sewing machines, but I have to say that quilt is beautiful. I know you will enjoy it.

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Boy do I want to come to auctions with you. What a score. Congratulations.

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What a great find, Faye! The quilt is lovely.

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Faye, The quilt is absolutely beautiful!!! You scored big at this auction....even the blocks! I'm with you about the family not keeping the quilt or blocks.


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You definitely have the touch when it comes to buying at auctions! Good decision about no more $5 machines. At one point my neighbor (a dear person) was buying old machines at estate sales, then giving them to me??? I finally had to gently tell her I had enough.....


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Great score Faye! I love auctions as well and have also acquired "$5 machines"!


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Nice score! I need to go to your auctions. That quilt is beautiful.


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Lucky girl!
Beautiful buys.

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Great find!! Those blocks look like some of the blocks used in the Baltimore Album quilt. Have fun!


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Lucky you! I agree that the family missed out on the beautiful quilt. My hubby loves auctions too. He has brought home several quilts that we have fallen in love with. My daughters even thought my granny made them. Again, luck you.

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Wow! Beautiful quilt! Great buy on the surprise blocks-I suspect my family will be doing the same thing with my 'stuff'-lol.

At least the family gave a lucky person like you the opportunity to appreciate the blocks.

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Well done on the auction! I do hope your lovely quilt was label..? and those blocks are awesome...I look forward to seeing what you create from your find.


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Congratulations on your wonderful choices. The quilt is fantastic and so are the blocks. Can't help but feel sad for the person who made them but know they would be happy that they found someone who appreciates them as you do.
You have the material to make other wonderful quilts with all the interesting blocks. Have fun.

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What wonderful finds. Looks like they made into just the right home.

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Faye...what a score! The quilt is just beautiful. It is in such great condition.


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Thats just wonderful you won the auction. Both are quite a find!


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Fay, you really hit the jackpot. That is a beautiful quilt and what a bonus getting all those blocks. Won't you have fun putting those together!


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