terrazzo shower pan -to keep or not to keep??? help!

coconutlemongrassAugust 14, 2014

We are replacing the tile on our shower walls due to crumbling grout and bowing tiles and noticed 2 small hairline fractures in the Terrazzo (I believe it is Terrazzo?) shower pan. We believe this shower base is original to our house built in 1967. We've had no problems with leaking that we are aware of, so we would love to leave it in place and not disturb it, but it clearly has water stains that we have not managed to get off yet and it also has 2 small hairline cracks which don't seem to be causing problems now....but maybe they will later and who knows how much later. Has anyone dealt with Terrazzo and know if we should try to get more years out of this beast or if we should pay the extra money and replace it with Swanstone or an Onyx shower pan. We are just trying to minimize our expenses since this whole renovation was not out of desire but out of necessity due to failing tiles.

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Here is another picture of the Terrazzo shower pan with hairline cracks.

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The right guy with the right tools will have that pan looking great in several hours. You won't be sorry if you save it; demolition is forever.

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