Granite Selection Help - Opinions Wanted

new_2_njApril 17, 2013

Hi all,

I would love a sounding board. We're planning a white kitchen - white cabs, white backsplash, med-dark wood floors. The counter has been vexing - was originally thinking soapstone and then switched over to super white quartzite and we're down to two granites. The first one fits into my vision perfectly and I really love it. The second one is beautiful and my DH loves it, but it doesn't fit into the kitchen that I've been envisioning. That said, I've pretty much made all the decisions (because I'm the one that researches and cares), so I'd like him to feel that he was actually part of the process. I also really like it. The coloring is actually more versatile and warmer and may be easier to work with in our open floor plan. Other the other hand, it's got a lot going on and I can't envision how it's going to look. What do you think?

My slab (Snowflake)

Close up of dark area - you can see beautiful gold fleck that blend in well the primarily gray/white tones

DH's slab - (it wasn't pulled out, so I couldn't get a full shot)

One of many cool elements in the stone

I really need to order the sinks tomorrow (Mine - Cinder Silgranit, His - Truffle Silgranit)

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From my perspective, this post is impossible to respond to. I have no idea what the rest of the kitchen design looks like, what the rest of your house looks like, what architectural style it is, what color schemes you may already have picked out....

This is like posting pictures of several different apples and asking people which one would be the best for your recipe. ??

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Of course, you are correct (it's kind of like asking where to get the best bagel or pizza - very much a matter of taste). But all I have right now is a giant empty room with nearly everything to be decorated (paint, furniture) post renovation, so I'm afraid I don't have much info to provide. I guess I was hoping for some perspective from a general design sense (e.g. with open concepts it's better to have a more uniform stone, etc). The reality is that I'm just nervous because I have to order the sinks and I feel like we're veering onto a path that has been far less travelled in my mind.

Thanks for the bump. And as for your analogy, I think the cooks on this forum are so good that they could identify any apple and tell you exactly the right one for the recipe.

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If only judging which stone I like better it would be your choice, but neither are great shots especially the 2nd choice since the slab isn't pulled out. The 2nd definitely looks like it has more movement if that's what you're after. What is the name of the 2nd one? Is it Snowflake with more movement or a different kind?

From the pics both slabs look more gray than tan and so does the Cinder sink. Is that true?

I'd be hesitant to pick a colored sink unless I saw a sample of both the granite and sink color next to each other, preferably in my kitchen under different lighting. Did you have the opportunity to see that?

If not I wouldn't rush it.

Can you post a couple of inspiration photos so we can see what type of "look" youre going for?

What cabinet style and color white? What type of backsplash?

I'm also interested for selfish reasons, because I too want to do white cabs and the whitest stone I can find that isn't marble. Love the look, but not the etching and staining. So would love to hear and see more of what youhave in mind. Thanks.

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It is a little hard to tell from just these pictures. However, try to picture the slabs as they will be in your kitchen, templated. Your slab seems a bit more uniform. Will some of the "interesting" areas be able to be used in a place where they will be interesting, or will they just look splotchy. DH's slab seems to have some sort of vein running through it that may not work in all areas. A lot may depend on how your layout is and how the slabs will work in that.

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I agree with the others that it is hard to offer suggestions based on photos of just the granite. DH's choice looks like Bianco Antico to me which is what I have, so I'm partial to it. For me, I love the rocky movement in granite - my theory is that it is a rock, so it should look like one. I'm not as much into uniform 'patterns' in granite for myself.

Your slabs seem more "safe" to me and DH's seem more "busy" or "rocky" looking. I don't think you would be disappointed in either so long as the cabs and other finishes blend well.

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Unfortunately, they can't template without the sink, so I need to choose it before we finalize granite. In addition, the sink can take several weeks if it's not in stock, so I don't want to wait and then have cabinets and no counters for 3-4 weeks.

They told me the second one was called Sea Pearl, but when I google images of that, I am sure that is not correct.

It's going to be a transitional kitchen. We purchased white shaker cabinets (Kemper - White - arriving tomorrow!) and Provincial floors. I've been toyed with Fireclay tile in the Paseo shape for the backsplash, but I really don't think that will work so well with the second granite. Other than a wood dining room table and an oak sideboard, everything else will be new. The fire place surround is traverine, but I think it's far and neutral enough to be irrelevant.

Here's the empty space. The floors now match the section to the right side of the picture.

Here's the plan, but it's probably too small to be useful.

From the inspiration pictures, you can see that the first slab is the clear choice. I think my trouble is that I don't know what I would do with the second slab. I don't see it in my mind's eye. I don't know how I would finish it.

Traditional Kitchen by Woodbridge Architect Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC

Traditional Kitchen by Lincolnwood Kitchen And Bath Jane Kelly, Designer for Airoom LLC

Contemporary Kitchen by Other Metro Tile Stone And Countertop Cambria

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I agree that it's hard to tell from the limited information but my gut reaction - just looking at the slabs themselves - is that yours is more beautiful.

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Molly Phillips

How does that random vertical stripe in your DH's pick fit with a template? That could look super cool, or stick out like a sore thumb.

As someone who now has an almost complete kitchen but didn't pick a backsplash prior to the reno, I would encourage you to think about what your bs will look like with each slab. I originally just figured I would do white subways (to keep costs down) but with my counters and cabinets, I think that's not enough contrast, plus the undertones of my counters doesn't really lend itself to white subways. Think about what slab is easiest to either pull colors from or pick something completely different that still goes with your overall scheme. I feel that I underestimated the importance of the BS, which, really, since it's vertical so easy to see, is a very important component of the design.

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Your choice is very calming and lovely, but I love more interesting movement. I would agree with your husband on this one. I don't think you will do wrong with either one of them though. They are similar and both awesome. We went through a similar issue with my DH not being involved with decisions. He had the final decision on our granite. I love our granite, but I figured he would love it also if he had the final decision and if it ended up bad, I could blame it on him. ha!

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How important is it to your husband? If it really matters to him and this is ALL he has had input on, then I would lean toward that. However, if he's like my husband and couldn't possibly care less, then go with what you love!

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Chiming in with a geology point of view here....

The cool little detail spots that you show look like they could be areas with a lot of mica (muscovite if it's black mica, biotite if it's bronze-colored). Mica is a very weak mineral and tends to flake. Some people have reported that it never stays smooth. So check that out and make sure that the surface is strong and smooth.

You can identify mica pretty easily due to its flaky shape. Viewed on edge, it looks like a little stack of papers, like you are looking at the ends of the pages in a book. Does that make sense? When you look at it from the top, it looks like a flat plane. Mica can bend just by scraping it with your fingernail, so give that a try.

Both slabs are really neat. I prefer the calmer rocks for kitchens, but geologically your husband's choice is more interesting. The vein that cuts across the slab is particularly cool.

Luckily they are not that different so neither of you has to do a 180 in order to compromise.

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New 2 NJ what did you end up picking? We are looking at Snowflake right now also.

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