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william_and_doriAugust 13, 2009

Just started the planning stages of our addition and wanted to get feedback on our current plan.

House is 1950's "ranch" currently 3/2 and about 1300 sq ft. One previous addition of a family room on the back of the house in the 80's.

Are goals going into this project are 1) add square footage, 2) enlarge master bathroom, 3) more storage, 4) possibly add extra room, 5) possibly enlarge master bedroom.

We think we have managed to address almost all of those issues with our current plan (see the photos below, showing both the entire house and the area of the addition [it is the area comprising the new master bedroom and bathroom]).

Only question is, in order to do this we had to layout the master bedroom entrance off the family room. My wife and I aren't too worried about this, but this isn't our "forever" house so want to get some feedback to make sure this isn't the type of quirky design that could effect resale.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but we could also more the door to the other side of the same wall (toward the back of the house).

Any thoughts are very appreciated.


William and Dori

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For me, yes, quirky. Back to the drawing board. :)

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Thanks for your input... kind of what we were afraid of.

By the way ignore the strange closet/office entrance, that is a temporary (3-4 year) situation, eventually the closet would be closed off from the "Office" side and reconfigured to make the "Office" large enough to become a beyond.


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Not sure what you intended with your last message -- 'beyond'?? Was that supposed to be 'bedroom' maybe?

However I see no problem with your plan. What I would not do is close off the 'office' from the 'closet'. Future folks may then use the present office entrance (door from hall) as the MBdrm entrance. The office could be a sitting room off that Bdrm creating a private MBdrm suite. Although you use it as an office, not everyone would choose to do so.

Actually I (as in me personally) wouldn't bother with a door from the family room. However if it suits your lifestyle/house use it would be an easy fix for someone down the road to remove it if they so wished.

One question: I'm probably dense but what's the green line about?

So now you've one fore and one agin. :-) Very helpful hunh?

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Thanks for your thoughts. I did mean bedroom, not sure how it came out as "beyond."

That is a good point about having both entrances. Not really sure if we will keep both, but you are right that closing them off or opening them up wouldn't be so difficult in the future.

To be honest, I think the green line was just our drafters way of showing that that particular wall is thicker than the rest.

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it'd be fine for me. there are several on the board who have bedroom doors off of the family room or living room.

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