I have a plan......

teresa_nc7November 13, 2010

for getting my birthday blocks done on time this year!

Today I did the first one needed in January for my group. Tomorrow, I'm going to do the *last* block in my group which will be sent out in Nov. 2011. Then I will return to the front of the year and get the second one done, and then make the next to last block - and so forth and so forth, back and forth until they are all done!

This way I perhaps won't come up a dollar short and a few days late when fall of 2011 rolls around.


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Sounds like that will make it much more interesting. Good luck.

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By Jove! That sounds like a very workable plan!

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Sounds great, but I would have to make a note to myself that I had already made them or I would forget LOL!!!!!!!!
I'm not as organized as you Teresa.

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Last year I thought I would make the January blocks early so I wouldn't have to worry about them during the holidays. When it was time to mail them I couldn't find them so I made more. Of course, I found them after mailing the second set.
Linda OH

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Thanks for that reminder to put them where I will find them, Linda!

Plan is working! I have made 4 birthday blocks this weekend and 8 boxed square blocks for my scrappy class sample quilt!


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I finished the last block for "Make a Wish" group today. YAH. I like to get them done early so all I have to think about is mailing them out on time. Have one for the second group done. I plan the fabric one day, cut another, sew then next. I try and fit them in betweem other projects. They really go fast if you don't have to do everything at one time.
I try and get them all packaged and labeled early as well.
I really enjoy the process most of the time.

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psssst.....my plan is working! I've done 9 birthday blocks so far......teresa

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Good for you, Teresa!


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Isn't nice to have them finished? Glad your plan is working for you.
I have only 3 more to go for the 2nd. group and the they are done. The hardest part for me is fabric prep. I am not into washing everthing before I make my blocks. Good way to use up the stash. Jayne

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I sorta took a spin off this idea. I am in a block swap (with 20 people) and what I did was go through my stash and pick out some fabric. When I had time I washed and ironed the fabric. Another time when the mood hit me I decided to cut the fabric as needed and get it into piles. Then another day I sewed them together. Over a bit more than a months time, I have most of them completed that I need for the year long swap. Felt good getting my ducks in a row when the mood hit me, and not having the stress hit me all of a sudden! I also worked between the months as suggested earlier in this article! I feel so much more relaxed about this now!!

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WOO HOOOOO! I did it! All my blocks are done.....and a few extra!

Teresa - doin' the happy quilter dance

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Congratulations!!I finished mine this afternoon as well. Doesn't if feel good? Now just to get them packaged up and we are home free. (of course remembering to mail on time can be an issue)lol. Jayne

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