Batting type for King Size Quilt

magothyrivergirlNovember 8, 2011

I normally use Warm and White cotton batting. I am concerned it may be too heavy. I also have a tendency to quilt closer since my machine's throat is only 9". What kind of batting do you use in King size quilts you plan to sleep under? I like the look and feel of cotton. I also get very hot at night - DH freezes -

What do you recommend (other than separate bedrooms ~lol)

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I used the 80/20 cotton/poly blend in our king size that we use on our bed. We use the quilt year 'round.


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I use Warm & Natural in all my quilts. I also find that I only need the sheet & the quilt, no extra blankets.

I've seriously thought of producing a product that is flannel sheet on one half and cotton on the other! DH & I are the same as you guys!! lol

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Jennifer - how do you think that would quilt? I've actually considered using exactly that combination, but want the look to be the same after quilting and washing. I have also considered attaching an extra 'sleeve holder' with the binding - on his side- to make that side like a duvet and I could add an additional quilt or down blanket as needed.

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I was actually thinking of a sheet set that was 1/2 flannel, 1/2 cotton, not a quilt. But, thinking on it, flannel is warmer... I think you could do the backing 1/2 & 1/2 and get away with it (for yourselves, anyway).

You'd probably want to pre-wash all fabrics to have the shrinkage out of the way with no surprises after quilting/washing. (Yeah, that's ME saying that!!)

I think I can visualize what you have in mind as for a duvet option, but not sure that it would be very practical. I think the extra weight on his side would pullit off the bed when he rolls and it'd be constantly a hassle. Could you just add another blanket to his side of the bed folded in half & tucked at bottom & side?

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Hi Marsha, sorry I'm late posting to this question!
On the recommendation of my long arm quilter, I had the 80/20 cotton/poly batting used in my king size quilt. I love it! I was so reluctant to have any poly involved but it could not be more perfect. The loft is nice enough to show off the quilting; I like the look of it much better than Warm & Natural. It's also cooler and lighter weight. We've used it all summer with just a sheet and both of us were comfortable. I'm about to switch to a slightly heavier quilt for winter (or what counts as winter in Orlando) but I hate to take this one off the bed. DH Jim even suggested we just add a blanket under this one and keep using it!

I think your ideas about 1/2 and 1/2 quilts are interesting, but not sure I would do that. I keep a large nap quilt beside the bed and if one of us gets chilly, we can use that on top of the regular quilt.

Let us know what you decide to do!


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My last quilt was somewhere between Queen and King size, and I NEVER use poly batting. I was doing the quilting by machine in sections and there was a weight issue as well and I bought a lower loft poly batting. I am thrilled with how it turned out. Just poofy enough to show off the geometric pattern on it and adequately warm without being heavy. I still like my Warm and Natural, but this was the right choice for this quilt. Present quilt I have on frame now and hand quilting has bamboo batting. I have had it stored a long time for 'just the right' quilt and wanted to try it quilting by hand to see how easy the stitching would be. That is also a nice choice for a lighter weight batting but with a more 'traditional' loft than poly. I like it.

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I'm quilting a king size storm at sea right now, on my regular sewing machine. I am using Quilters Dream cotton in the lightest weight. (It is called Request weight.) It is a bit lighter than Warm & White, and I'm very happy with my choice. Occassionally it falls from my tables, and the weight is a bit heavy but as long as I keep it all on my table and take my time its fine.
I chose this weight in particular because I want it to be my summer quilt, but I think it could be used all year round.

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Welcome mzstitch! I decided on Quilters dream wool - mostly because I needed to get some more for another project, I only needed a very small amt - and found a king size on sale at, so that made my decision. Get the King Size, try it on the king quilt, and cut the additional I needed out of the extra. I have not gotten to the King quilt yet, but I did use what I needed for some machine trapunto.
I have samples of the Dream Cotton in the lighter weight, and wondered how it compared to the Warm & White, that I use most of the time. Thank you for posting what you thought about it.

We would love to see a picture of your Storm at Sea. If you need help learning how to post pictures, just give a shout before you get frustrated! Hope to see you around.

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Thanks for the welcome magothyrivergirl. I'm only about half way through my machine quilting, and with being the Christmas season it will be awhile, but I will post a picture. No worries, thats what I have teenagers for, lol. My daughter has posted pictures for me on the rose forum before.

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I think you will be happy with you choice of QDW. I used it on my quilt (one of the few I kept) and hand quilted it. It would be my 1st. choice aways except for the expence.

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Thanks - I feel better about my QDWool choice- it is for a quilt I am keeping. It is expensive. At Camp Cheerio, Quiltpartner said she loved & would use wool batting more, except for the expense. Mine is next after the 3 Quilts I need to quilt & bind for Christmas gifts!

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Is there a particular side of the wool batting that should face the quilt top? I read with cotton - or Warm & White - it is dirty side down. Does it matter which way it faces?

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