Stumped small L shaped kitchen

wendorfAugust 11, 2010

any ideas as to how to put in an island and open up my kitchen (small L shaped... I've had no oven or dishwasher for 24 years!) I am open to taking down some of the pantry wall, but I want my washer and dryer to be encased in a room to buffer the sound. I don't want to listen to look at my dryer and washer from my living room. I have gone to 2 designers but they could not resolve the washer/dryer issue. I have drawn up 8 - 10 of my own plans but nothing is really working as I have a window to contend with in the pantry if I move the wall, too. Any ideas or floor plans? I could send a rough floor plan but this email won't let me attach anything:)


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we need to know more about the kitchen and how you want to use it. Presumably you have a long leg and a short leg, an inside corner and an outside corner to make an L shape. On one end is a pantry door - long or short leg? An entry door on the other end? Which are outside walls? Ok now how big is it? and where is this pantry wall? How many cooks? baking?

You can put the washer dryer in a closet, where the standing room is outside the closet.

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