Desperate for design advice for this hood and cabinets....

threeapplesApril 12, 2012

Here's the situation, our house will be in the Georgian style and we want to keep it looking historic. I'm well aware that fancy kitchens were not around in Georgian houses, but this is one place in the house that we are being ahistoric. Anyway, we're likely doing calcutta marble subway tiles, maybe soapstone perimeter counters, calcutta counter on the stained island and all other perimeter cabinets will be a white glazed. Our range wall (range is 48") is in the configuration of this picture, but with an additional ceiling to counter cabinet on one side of the flanking cabinet. I was thinking to do that one in glass with pewter diamond mesh. Anyway, I LOVE the look of this picture, but wonder if the cabinets were not glass and the backsplash were very plain, whether this would have such impact. My husband is suggesting maybe we should do the range wall cabinets in glass, but do a simple leaded glass instead of these wood mullions in the Gothic style. I'm not one to be good with visualizing things and am desperate for your suggestions. Any ideas on how to figure this out? Cabinets need to go into production very soon so please help me out.

Here is a link that might be useful: range wall inspiration

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i should have said that the subway tiles are for the backsplash. thanks for any input here.

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What's more important to you -- aesthetics or function?

The reason I ask is, have you laid out what you're putting in each cabinet? Some of us love the look of various (not necessarily pretty) items showing through glass, whereas others want everything organized/a certain color/only pretty looking objects. The decision of glass vs. no glass vs. mesh may depend on: 1) what those cabinets will contain and 2) what you're comfortable with seeing through the cabinet doors.

What's your cabinet style? The same cabinet in the photo? The style is your inspiration photo is dramatic -- I'd say it's on the fancy end. If you have too many elements competing (cabinets with backsplash with counters), it may be too much. I definitely think that glass cabinets in the style of your photo would not look right next to an additional cabinet (counter height to ceiling) that was fronted with pewter diamond mesh.

In this photo, the style of the cabinet makes more sense to me paired with the painted blue and white tile backsplash than with calacutta subways. But that's my gut. Someone like palimpsest or marcolo or others on this board are more educated about styles and what works together.

Think about what element you want to shine the most.

Also, you may want to check out the Design Around posts for ideas...there may be a post that matches what you're looking to accomplish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Advice re: Competing Elements

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First, there is no range nor even a rangetop in that picture but a cooktop.There are no 48" cooktops.

There is a 46" gas cooktop from Dacor but that only has six burners so no point in getting that over 36" gas cooktop.

There is a 45" Viking smoothtop electric cooktop but it is not induction so no point in getting that.

48" rangetops look like this.

You should decide if you want a cooktop,rangetop, plus wall oven(s) or range then start configuring cabs,hood,and everything else.

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Well, we are having a 60" Wolf range. Sorry, that was a typo.
We are not doing any glass cabinets, all wood. I was asking if this image would be as nice looking if the cabinets were plain wood, no glass.
We will not have the dentil molding, but rather a simple molding with no ornate details.
The kitchen layout is completely planned with function as the primary motivation for all the choices we made, so right now I'm just dealing with the aesthetics of it all.
Any additional thoughts now that I've cleared up some important details? :)

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Drop the inspiration picture and find another. You are changing out all the essential elements in a random fashion. The result will neither look like nor feel like that picture.

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The inspiration picture is needed to show my cabinetmaker the good design. It's the only wood hood I've found that I like. Can't I design off of that? It's not a good starting point to work from given the colors and materials I've mentioned? Thanks.

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Ditto what Marcolo said. There are two many elements you won't be doing but also, a range hood designed for a 30" will look very diffrent over a 60". I would maybe start by searching for "60" range with wood hood" or "66" wood hood", etc. Then narrow your search down from there. Hope that helps!

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I've seen large wooden range hoods look great. Is there something about this style that wouldn't translate well to a larger size? Feeling discouraged. This is rather daunting.

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3apples: don't be discouraged. I don't believe the others are saying that what you are suggesting won't work. They are suggesting that when you start making all of those changes, too much may go wrong. Take a look at the thread I have linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: What went wrong?

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OK, so what I'm hearing is that:

- You're putting in a 60 inch Wolf range
- You want a hood that is encased in wood, with corbels and wood panels (based on your inspiration photo)
- The cabinets flanking the range are all wood/no glass, some type of cream/white with a glaze
- Soapstone counters + calacutta subways on range wall

And your questions -->

Will your kitchen have the "bang" impact of your inspiration photo?
Will a counter-to-ceiling cabinet with pewter diamond mesh on the end of the range run look good?

Marcolo's right, the range run won't look like your inspiration photo, but I think it has the potential to look very nice -- just more simple (depending on your cabinetry style). And I like the thought of a cabinet with pewter mesh next to plain wood-fronted cabinets. To me, it would look way too busy next to the glass cabs in your photo.

Maybe Boxer can help you find additional photos of paneled hoods? Or a search on Houzz or other design sites? Here are a few, but most do not have corbels.

Also, think about what elements you love so much in the hood in your photo -- the panels, the curve, the corbels, etc.? That may help...

Good luck, it will all come together!

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The What Went Wrong thread was very helpful!!! Now, how do I figure out how to put everything together without going away from the vision I have in my head (but no magazine or Internet image)? I don't have a designer and am ony own to make these decisions. And advice on how to continue without making major errors? Should I try to make a drawing or include links of all the components I love for my kitchen? Thanks everyone!

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Maybe you need to look at the centerpiece of that design and what draws you in. To me it's the center tile backsplash. Everything to the right and left is basic and fairly plain from the simple glasswork to the backsplash on the flanking cabinets. Take the design element you want, whether it be the impact backsplash or the wood range hood and start with that. Subway tiles don't speak to me with what you're trying to achieve here with your Georgian home. Something more simiple with the moulding does. Maybe you have a friend or your kitchen designer who is helping you guide your cabinet choices who can help you. Most are pretty good at it and you can do it without major interior designer help.

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Three apples-are you committed to this cabinet maker? You should be getting help from the person doing your kitchen. We ca n only help so much. I was in the same place you were 6 yrs ago and if I hadn't had the KD from WoodMode and the architect that owned the company she worked for, I would have felt like you.

She redrew my kitchen and showed me all kinds of computerized drawings to help me bring my kitchen to life. But first, we picked out the appliances and figured out my vision for my kitchen. If something wasn't going to work she let me know. The GWers are great but you also need professional help.

Hire a company with a designer. Someone that's going to do what jmc McGowan just did in his post to help so you are not floundering.

Good luck.

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Now, how do I figure out how to put everything together without going away from the vision I have in my head (but no magazine or Internet image)?

Take a look at one of the "Design around that" threads. (The current one is on art.) Many of us use "mood boards" to try to see the impact of multiple elements. In the thread below, you will see a verbal description of this, plus, at the bottom, links to the past DAT threads that have a HOST of mood boards.

Here is a link that might be useful: About DAT

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Don't be discouraged. Everyone has been where you are at some point. I would spend some time on,, etc., and also sift through some decorating magazines. When you see an image you like, write down what exactly you like and what you don't. This will help you define a clearer idea of what you want.
Also, my post about the wood hood size and searching for larger ones is because many times a design that looks nice on a smaller scale doesn't translate well into a larger scale, and vice-versa. And definitely follow red_lovers advice and thoroughly engage your cabinetmaker and KD in this process. They should be able to draw you elevations to choose from.

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