Patio Paver help needed

barbcollinsAugust 5, 2012

I think I have bitten off a little than I can chew here, in the house we are renovating for resale. The previous owner left behind this mess.

Aside from the problems with it collapsing on the sides, weeds grow up fast. I have sprayed them with round up, and within a couple weeks they will be back over a foot high.

I decided to try to fix it. Started by making a border using landscape blocks (applied thinset to hold them together). Then tried to level off the pavers. Put landscape fabric down to block the weeks and added new sand.

I was going on the theory that anything would be an improvement. But after doing a row I don't think this is worth it. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. (Those pavers are HEAVY). And I don't think the final product will be enough of an improvement.

Any other ideas for a DIY? I am tempted to just rip it all out and seed the area for grass, but I would like to have an area for a patio table etc. The porch is not big enough.

Would you replace it with a deck?

I thought about continuing the border with the landscaping blocks and filling in with a decorative gravel. Would this be a mistake (for resale).

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I like the look of what you've done. But polymeric sand would be better for weed control than the regular sand. Can you make the necessary repairs, then blow out the sand already in the cracks and replace it with polymeric sand?

Decorative gravel will not have the same value as the pavers for resale.

Are you in a non-freeze area? The thinset might not hold up to freeze-heaves.

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Hi Chibimimi - Thanks for the pep talk.

I saw the Polymeric sand this morning at HD, and planned on using that in the cracks.

To make the necessary repairs I will have to pull up all the rows. They all need to be shifted and leveled. This is what is scaring me.

No, not in a non-freeze area, and I did think about this. The thinset is just securing the caps. If thinset doesn't hold them, what should I use?

Can the concrete pavers be painted? I was thinking if I painted the porch and pavers the same color it might look better.

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Paint on concrete doesn't look good or hold up well. You might check into concrete stains if you want to change the color. I haven't seen the stain used on pavers, but it might be possible.

There is a masonry adhesive that comes in a tube that we used to anchor flagstones to a concrete-block support structure -- similar to what you have. It was not available at HD, but our local stone supplier had it. It is applied with a caulking gun, is extremely strong, and will hold up to freezing. The stone yard told us the stone would give up before the adhesive would.

Definitely go with the polymeric sand. We've been very happy with how it hold up and keeps weeds out.

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So are you saying laying the landscape fabric and new leveling sand is not neccesary if I use the Polymeric in the joints?

I assumed it would be since the original sand is corrupted by the weeds.

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