Longest WIP is done

karpetNovember 25, 2011

I had a strange idea that I followed through to completion as a quilt - and it only took me 4 years. It started as a tablecloth that was given to me by a long-time friend of the family who was a missionary to Venezuela and my parents supported. I turned it into a whole-cloth yo-yo tree quilt with a verse done in ribbon embroidery at the base. I have second, third, and fourth guessed myself on this project, but hopefully as a finished project it is not as strange as it sounded when I tried to explain my idea and thought process along the way. Karlene

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That was a lot of work and I know you are proud of it. An interesting concept. You did a great job. TFS Jayne

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I'm inspired to see a project completed after 4 years. I've got one almost that old that I really expect to finish one day.

Your finished quilt is quite beautiful and the pattern is so well balanced. I like it and think it's a neat tribute to the missionary who gave the cloth to you!


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Karlene, I think your quilt is beautiful and very creative. I love the colors. How are the yo-yo's made?

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Karlene, ConGratz on finishing your project! Four years really isn't that long of a time (in my estimation) to get this completed. That's a ton of yo-yos! Nice job!!


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Karlene it looks wonderful and like a lot of work! Congrats on finishing it! :-)

Best to you,

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I don't think four years is that long either :) Your vision and determination to finish this (yikes - so many yo-yo's!) is worth celebrating! I like what you did and you should be very proud! How do you plan to display this work of art?

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Karlene when I was reading your post I was thinking whaaaat? lol!

It is gorgeous, and I'm another that doesn't 4 years is too long for that beauty.

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Thank you all. Four years felt long because I try really hard to finish what I'm working on before starting something else. But this had a lot done by hand so it was done at different times then when my machine was running. I put this in the mail yesterday to the lady who gifted me the tablecloth. I am hoping she will be encouraged by it. I did add a hanging sleeve so it can be used however she sees fit.

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